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Journal Articles

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Richard Hirsch, Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren and Lena Tibell
  Students’ Communicative Resources in Relation to Their Conceptual Understanding—The Role of Non-Conventionalized Expressions in Making Sense of Visualizations of Protein Function
  Research in science education, 2012, 42(5), 891-913.
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Richard Hirsch
  Language as reflective experience
  Semiotica, 2010, 2010(182), 215-228.

Richard Hirsch
  Making meaning together: A distributed story of speaking and thinking
  Language sciences (Oxford), 2010, 32(5), 528-535.
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Carl-Johan Rundgren, Richard Hirsch and Lena A.E. Tibell
  Death of Metaphors in Life Science?: A study of upper secondary and tertiary students' use of metaphors and help-words in their meaning-making of scientific content.
  Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 2009, 10(3), Article 3.

Ida Lindgren, Richard Hirsch and Peter Berggren
  It takes three points to define a common ground: breathing apparatus fire-fighters' communication during rescue operations
  Journal of pragmatics : an interdisciplinary quarterly of language studies, 2007, 39(9), 1482-1502.
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Richard Hirsch
  The Gestalt Hypothesis - On the form and meaning of gestures
  Semio Nordica, 1993, 2, 17-33.
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Richard Hirsch
  Argumentation, Information and Interaction: Studies in Face-to-face Interactive Argumentation under Differing Turn-taking Conditions
    Gothenburg monographs in linguistics, 7, University of Gothenburg, 1989.

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Chapters in Books

Richard Hirsch
  The Hand is quicker than the Mind
  Studies in Language and Cognition, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009, 454-467.

Richard Hirsch
  Language, games, and minds
  Communication-Action-Meaning: A Festschrift to Jens Allwood, Department of Linguistics, Göteborg University, 2007, 83-94.

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Richard Hirsch
  Swearing and the Expression of the Emotions
  Perspectives on Swearing, Department of Linguistics, University of Göteborg, 1985, 61-80.

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Robert Hirsch
  Taxonomies of Swearing
  Perspectives on Swearing, University of Gothenburg, Dept. of Linguistics, 1985, 37-59.

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Conference Articles

Richard Hirsch
  Argumentation Structure, Semantic Content, and Gesture
  The Third Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC III) - Copenhagen, June 14 - 16th 2011, 2011.

Richard Hirsch
  Conceptual Diagrams of Unlimited Semiosis
  Seventh Conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies (NASS), Lund University 6-8 May 2011, 2011.

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Richard Hirsch, Lena A. E. Tibell and Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren
  Help-words – a Creative Way of Making Sense of visualizations in molecular life science
  ERIDOB 2010, 2010.

Carl-Johan Rundgren, Richard Hirsch, Lena Tibell and Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren
  Students’ Use of Terms and Conceptual Understanding inMaking Meaning of Visualizations of Protein Function
  AABE, 2010.

Richard Hirsch
  Courses of Development in Dialogue and Human Phenomenology
  Distributed Language Group Symposium,2007, 2007.

Richard Hirsch
  The Hand is quicker than the Mind: On the relationship between Speech and Gesture, Meaning and Mind
  First SALC Conference,2007, 2007.

Richard Hirsch
  The Act of Speaking: Spoken Language and Gesture in the Determination of Definiteness of Intention
  Indexicality: Papers from the Symposium “Indexikalia Tecken”, University of Göteborg, November 1995, 1996.

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Ph.D. Theses

Carl-Johan Rundgren
  Visual thinking, visual speech: a semiotic perspective on meaning-making in molecular life science

Charlotta Plejert
  To fix what’s not broken: repair strategies in non-native and native english conversation

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Richard Hirsch
  A Study in Swedish Fear Vocabulary
  Papers in anthropological linguistics, 4, 1980.

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