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Pier Jaarsma and Stellan Welin
  Editorial Material: Autism, Accommodation and Treatment: A Rejoinder to Chong-Ming Lims Critique in BIOETHICS, vol 29, issue 9, pp 684-685
  Bioethics, 2015, 29(9), 684-685.

Pier Jaarsma
  Cultivation of empathy in individuals with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder
  Ethics and Education, 2013, 8(3), 290-300.

Pier Jaarsma and Stellan Welin
  Human capabilities, mild autism, deafness and the morality of embryo selection
  Medicine, Health care and Philosophy, 2013, 16(4), 817-824.
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Pier Jaarsma and Stellan Welin
  Autism as a Natural Human Variation: Reflections on the Claims of the Neurodiversity Movement
  Health Care Analysis, 2012, 20(1), 20-30.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 55

Pier Jaarsma, Petra Gelhaus and Stellan Welin
  Living the Categorical Imperative: autistic perspectives on lying and truth telling-between Kant and care ethics
  Medicine, Health care and Philosophy, 2012, 15(3), 271-277.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Ph.D. Theses

Pier Jaarsma
  Reflections on Autism: Ethical Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Health Care and Education

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