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Pontus Lindblom, Peter Wilhelmsson, Linda Fryland, Johanna Sjowall, Mats Haglund, Andreas Matussek, Jan Ernerudh, Sirkka Vene, Dag Nyman, Åshild Andreassen, Pia Forsberg and Per-Eric Lindgren
  Tick-borne encephalitis virus in ticks detached from humans and follow-up of serological and clinical response.
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  Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases, 2014, 5(1), 21-28.

Peter Wilhelmsson, Pontus Lindblom, Linda Fryland, Dag Nyman, Thomas GT Jaenson, Pia Forsberg and Per-Eric Lindgren
  Ixodes ricinus ticks removed from humans in Northern Europe: seasonal pattern of infestation, attachment sites and duration of feeding
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  Parasites & Vectors, 2013, 6(362), .
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Peter Wilhelmsson, Pontus Lindblom, Linda Fryland, Jan Ernerudh, Pia Forsberg and Per-Eric Lindgren
  Prevalence, Diversity, and Load of Borrelia species in Ticks That Have Fed on Humans in Regions of Sweden and Åland Islands, Finland with Different Lyme Borreliosis Incidences
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  PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(11), e81433.
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Linda Fryland, Peter Wilhelmsson, Per-Eric Lindgren, Dag Nyman, Christina Ekerfelt and Pia Forsberg
  Low risk of developing Borrelia burgdorferi infection in the south-east of Sweden after being bitten by a Borrelia burgdorferi-infected tick
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Peter Wilhelmsson, Linda Fryland, Stefan Börjesson, Johan Nordgren, Sven Bergström, Jan Ernerudh, Pia Forsberg and Per-Eric Lindgren
  Prevalence and Diversity of Borrelia Species in Ticks That Have Bitten Humans in Sweden
  JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY, 2010, 48(11), 4169-4176.
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Ph.D. Theses

Peter Wilhelmsson
  A STING from a Tick: Epidemiology, Ecology and Clinical Aspects of Lyme Borreliosis

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