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Journal Articles

Mannudeep Kalra, Petter Quick, Sarabjeet Singh, Michael Sandborg and Anders Persson
  Whole spine CT for evaluation of scoliosis in children: feasibility of sub-milliSievert scanning protocol
  Acta Radiologica, 2013, 54(2), 226-230.
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Mannudeep K. Kalra, Mischa Woisetschläger, Nils Dahlström, Sarabjeet Singh, Subbarao Digumarthy, Synho Do, Homer Pien, Petter Quick, Bernhard Schmidt, Martin Sedlmair, Jo-Anne O. Shepard and Anders Persson
  Sinogram-Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction of Low-Dose Chest CT: Effect on Image Quality and Radiation Dose
  American Journal of Roentgenology, 2013, 201(2), W235-W244.

M Kalra, Mischa Woisetschläger, Nils Dahlström, S Sing, Maria Lindblom, G Choy, Petter Quick, B Schmidt, M Sedlmair, M A Blake and Anders Persson
  RadiationDose Reduction with Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction Technique for abdominal CT.
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  Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, 2012, 36(3), 339-346.
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Conference Articles

Nils Dahlström, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, Johan Kihlberg, Petter Quick, Mikael Forsgren, Peter Lundberg and Anders Persson
  Dual-Energy CT Detects Standard-Dose Gd-EOB-DTPA in the Hepatobiliary and Renal Systems of Patients Having Undergone Liver MRI
  RSNA 2012, November 25-30, 2012, Chicago, USA, 2012.

Nils Dahlström, M. K. Kalra, Petter Quick and Anders Persson
  Dual-Energy CT: Uncovering and Troubleshooting New Pitfalls and Artefacts. Educational Exhibit
  RSNA 2011, Chicago, 2011.

Jan Engvall, Marcus Gjerde, Jakob de Geer, E. Olsson, Petter Quick and A. Persson
  Adenosine stress myocardial perfusion detected with CT compared with attenuation-corrected SPECT in EUROPEAN HEART JOURNAL SUPPLEMENTS, vol 13, issue A, pp A31-A31

Mannudeep Kalra, Anders Persson, Petter Quick, Subba Rao Digumarthy, Homer H. Pien and Sarabjeet Singh
  Iterative Reconstruction Techniques: The Be-All and End-All for CT Dose Reduction? Pictorial Synopsis of Different Vendor Techniques
  In Proceedings of RSNA 2010, LL-PHE 4076, 2010.

Fredrik Palm, Per Liss, Angelica Fasching, Lars-Ove Magnusson, Petter Quick, Anders Persson and Joseph Verbalis
  Renomedullary Blood Flow And Blood Volume Are Increased During Vasopressin Escape
  American Society of Nephrology (ASN) 43rd Annual Meeting and Scientific Exposition, Denver, CO, USA., 2010.

Mannudeep Kalra, Anders Persson, Petter Quick and Michael Sandborg
  Combining low kVp, lowest tube current, high pitch and fast table speed for minimizing radiation dose for whole body CT imaging of children with scoliosis
  SSK14-08, 2010.

Mannudep Kalra, Anders Persson, Petter Quick, Subba Digumarthy, Michael Sandborg and Sarabjeet Singh
  Can image space iterative reconstruction technique allow 60% dose reduction for thoracic CT? Results for a randomised prospective pilot study
  SSQ03-06, 2010.

Anders Persson, Mannudep Kalra, Petter Quick, Nils Dahlström, Michael Sandborg and Sarabjeet Singh
  Use of iterative reconstruction in image space (IRIS) to improve accetability of 50 and 100 mAs abdominal CT: comparison of standrad of care 200 mAs filtered back projection CT images
  SSK15-04, 2010.

Mannudep Kalra, Anders Persson, Petter Quick and Michael Sandborg
  Combining high pitch, low kV and 4D automatic exposure controll technique for reducing CT radiation dose for mapping of pulmonary venous anatomy
  SSJ05-05, 2010.

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