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Journal Articles

Konrad J. Schönborn, Petter Bivall and Lena A. E. Tibell
  Exploring relationships between students’ interaction and learning with a haptic virtual biomolecular model
  Computers and education, 2011, 57(3), 2095-2105.
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Petter Bivall, Shaaron Ainsworth and Lena A. E. Tibell
  Do Haptic Representations Help Complex Molecular Learning?
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  Science Education, 2011, 95(4), 700-719.
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Conference Articles

Gunnar E. Höst, Konrad J. Schönborn, Petter Bivall Persson and Lena A.E. Tibell
  Methods for investigating students’ learning and interaction with a haptic virtual biomolecular model
  Contemporary Science Education Research: International Perspectives, 2010.

Petter Bivall Persson, Gunnar E. Höst, Matthew D. Cooper, Lena A. E. Tibell and Anders Ynnerman
  Improved Feature Detection over Large Force Ranges Using History Dependent Transfer Functions
  Third Joint Eurohaptics Conference and Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environments and Teleoperator Systems, WorldHaptics 2009, 2009.

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Petter Bivall Persson
  Learning Molecular Interaction Concepts through Haptic Protein Visualization
  Proceedings of SIGRAD 2008, 2008.

Lena A.E. Tibell, Shaaaron Ainsworth, Petter Bivall Persson and Gunnar E. Höst
  Haptic Influences on Reasoning and Learning in Protein Education
  Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education: Planning science instruction: From insight to learning to pedagogical practices. Theme 4: Pedagogical practices, 2008.

Petter Bivall Persson, Matthew Cooper and Lena Tibell
  Visuella och haptiska modeller för underlättad förståelse för molekylers struktur och interaktioner
  10:e Universitetspedagogiska konferensen vid Linköpings universitet: Pedagogiska utmaningar i tiden, 2007.

Petter Bivall Persson, Matthew Cooper, Lena Tibell, Shaaron Ainsworth, Anders Ynnerman and Bengt-Harald Jonsson
  Designing and Evaluating a Haptic System for Biomolecular Education
  IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, 2007. VR '07., 2007.

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Petter Bivall Persson, Matthew Cooper, Anders Ynnerman, Bengt-Harald Jonsson and Lena Tibell
  Use of Chemical Force Feedback for Multisensory Insights into Ligand Docking
  VII European Symposium of The Protein Society: From Proteins to Proteome, 2007.

Lena Tibell, Petter Bivall Persson, Matthew Cooper, Anders Ynnerman and Bengt-Harald Jonsson
  Experience the Aperceptual through Virtual Reality! Tactile and Visual VR Representations as Cognitive Tools in Molecular Life Science
  ESERA 2007, 2007.

Petter Bivall Persson, Lena Tibell, Matthew D. Cooper and Shaaron Ainsworth
  Reasoning through Touch? Using Haptics in Life Science Education
  EARLI 2007 12th Biennial Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction, 2007.

Petter Bivall Persson and Carl-Johan A. Rundgren
  Visualization and Haptics in Molecular Life Science - A Multi-sensory Representation of Proteins
  Third Scandinavian Symposium on Research in Science Education, 2006.

Petter Bivall Persson, Lena Tibell, Matthew Cooper, Anders Ynnerman and Bengt-Harald Jonsson
  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Haptic Visualization in Biomolecular Education - Feeling Molecular Specificity in a Docking Task
  12th IOSTE Symposium, 2006.

Petter Bivall Persson, Lena Tibell and Matthew Cooper
  Using Force Feedback Virtual Reality Technology as a Tactile Gateway to Understanding of Biomolecular Interactions
  9th JURE conference of EARLI, 2006.

Ph.D. Theses

Petter Bivall
  Touching the Essence of Life: Haptic Virtual Proteins for Learning

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Petter Bivall and Camilla Forsell
  Haptic Just Noticeable Difference in Continuous Probing of Volume Data
  Technical reports in Computer and Information Science, 6, 2010.

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