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Journal Articles

Petra Wäster, Ida Eriksson, Linda Vainikka, Inger Rosdahl and Karin Öllinger
  Extracellular vesicles are transferred from melanocytes to keratinocytes after UVA irradiation
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  Scientific Reports, 2016, 6(27890), .
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Cecilia Bivik Eding, Jakob Domer, Petra Wäster, Fredrik Jerhammar, Inger Rosdahl and Karin Öllinger
  Melanoma Growth and Progression After Ultraviolet A Irradiation: Impact of Lysosomal Exocytosis and Cathepsin Proteases
  Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 2015, 95(7), 792-797.
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Petra Wäster, Inger Rosdahl and Karin Öllinger
  Cell fate regulated by nuclear factor-κB- and activator protein-1-dependent signalling in human melanocytes exposed to ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B.
  British Journal of Dermatology, 2014, 171(6), 1336-1346.
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Petra Wäster, Ida Eriksson, Linda Vainikka and Karin Öllinger
  Sunbathing: What’ve lysosomes got to do with it?
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  Communicative & Integrative Biology, 2014, 7(1), e28723-1-e28723-5.
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Lena Thunell, Cecilia Bivik, Petra Wäster, Mats Fredrikson, Annika Stjernstrom, Ingrid Synnerstad, Inger Rosdahl and Charlotta Enerbäck
  MDM2 SNP309 promoter polymorphism confers risk for hereditary melanoma
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  Melanoma research, 2014, 24(3), 190-197.
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Hanna Appelqvist, Petra Wäster, Katarina Kågedal and Karin Öllinger
  The lysosome: from waste bag to potential therapeutic target
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  Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, 2013, 5(4), 214-226.
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Hanna Appelqvist, Petra Wäster, Ida Eriksson, Inger Rosdahl and Karin Öllinger
  Lysosomal exocytosis and caspase-8-mediated apoptosis in UVA-irradiated keratinocytes
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  Journal of Cell Science, 2013, 126(24), 5578-5584.
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Petra Wäster, Inger Rosdahl, Brendan F. Gilmore and Oliver Seifert
  Ultraviolet exposure of melanoma cells induces fibroblast activation protein-alpha in fibroblasts: Implications for melanoma invasion
  International Journal of Oncology, 2011, 39(1), 193-202.
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Petra Wäster
  UVA/B-induced redox alterations and apoptosis in human melanocytes
  Forum for Nordic Dermato-Venerology, 2009, 14(1), 26-27.

Petra Wäster and Karin Öllinger
  Redox-Dependent Translocation of p53 to Mitochondria or Nucleus in Human Melanocytes after UVA- and UVB-Induced Apoptosis
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Petra Larsson Wäster, Karin Öllinger and Inger Rosdahl
  Ultraviolet (UV) A- and UVB-induced redox alterations and activation of nuclear factor-kappaB in human melanocytes - protective effects of alpha-tocopherol
  British Journal of Dermatology, 2006, 155(2), 292-300.
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Cecilia Bivik, Petra Wäster, Katarina Kågedal, Inger Rosdahl and Karin Öllinger
  UVA/B induced apoptosis in human melanocytes involves translocation of cathepsins and Bcl-2 family members
  Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 2006, 126(5), 1119-1127.
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Petra Larsson (Wäster), Eva Andersson, Uno Johansson, Karin Öllinger and Inger Rosdahl
  Ultraviolet A and B affect human melanocytes and keratinocytes differently. A study of oxidative alterations and apoptosis
  Experimental Dermatology, 2005, 14(2), 117-123.
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Ph.D. Theses

Hanna Appelqvist
  Lysosomal Membrande Stability and Cathepsins in Cell Death

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Petra Wäster Larsson
  UVA/B induced redox alterations and apoptosis in human melanocytes

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