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Conference Articles

Ajmal Muhammad, Peter Johansson and Robert Forchheimer
  Effect of Buffer Placement on Performance When Communicating Over a Rate-Variable Channel
  ICSNC 2009, 2009.

Jacob Löfvenberg, Peter Johansson and Robert Forchheimer
  A Model for Mobility-Based Communication in Ad Hoc Networks
  The Third Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop,2005, 2005.

Peter Johansson and Robert Forchheimer
  Source Coding Rate Control for Gilbert-Elliott Channel
  RVK 05,2005, 2005.

Kenneth Andersson, Peter Johansson, Robert Forchheimer and Hans Knutsson
  Backward-forward motion compensated prediction
  Proceedings of ACIVS 2002 (Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems), Ghent, Belgium, September 9-11, 2002, 2002.


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