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Journal Articles

Petra Dannapfel, Eva Törnvall and Ewa Wressle
  Education to Increase Skills in Research Methods among Clinicians in Health Care
  Journal of Health & Medical Informatics, 2017, 8(4), .
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Carolyn Ehrlich and Petra Dannapfel
  Shared decision making: People with severe mental illness experiences of involvement in the care of their physical health
  Mental Health and Prevention, 2017, 5, 21-26.

Petra Dannapfel, Anneli Peolsson and Per Nilsen
  A Qualitative Study of Individual and Organizational Learning through Physiotherapists’ Participation in a Research Project
  International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2014, 5(9), 514-524.

Petra Dannapfel, Anneli Peolsson, Christian Ståhl, Birgitta Öberg and Per Nilsen
  Applying self-determination theory for improved understanding of physiotherapists rationale for using research in clinical practice: a qualitative study in Sweden
  Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 2014, 30(1), 20-28.
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Petra Dannapfel, Bozena Poksinska and Kristin Thomas
  Dissemination strategy for Lean thinking in health care
  International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 2014, 27(5), 391-404.

Petra Dannapfel, Anneli Peolsson and Per Nilsen
  What supports physiotherapists’ use of research in clinical practice? A qualitative study in Sweden
  Implementation Science, 2013, 8, .
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Ph.D. Theses

Petra Dannapfel
  Evidence-Based Practice in Practice: Exploring Conditions for Using Research in Physiotherapy

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