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Publications for Per Addenbrooke

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Journal Articles

Mattias Ragnehed, Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, Johan Pihlsgård, Staffan Wirell, Hannibal Sökjer, Patrik Fägerstam, Bo Jiang, Örjan Smedby, Maria Engström and Peter Lundberg
  Visual Grading of 2D and 3D fMRI compared to image based descriptive measures
  European Radiology, 2010, 20(3), 714-724.
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Conference Articles

Mikael Kindborg and Per Sökjer
  How Preschool Children Used a Behaviour-Based Programming Tool
  Interaction design with Children,2007, 2007.

Per Sökjer
  Interaction Designers' Use of Their Repertoire in Meetings with Clients
  HCI,2007, 2007.

Per Sökjer, Stefan Holmlid, Jakob Tholander and Ann Lantz
  The dynamics of objects in client-designer communication
  Teh Virtual,2007, 2007.


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