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Journal Articles

Per Assmo and Elin Wihlborg
  An Alternative View of Integrated Sustainable Development Through a Time-Spatial Lens
  OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, 2012, 3(12), 87-96.

Per Assmo and Elin Wihlborg
  Public Services Choices When There Are No Alternatives?: A Paradox of New Public Management in Rural Areas
  Journal of Rural and Community Development, 2012, 7(2), 1-17.
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Elin Wihlborg and Per Assmo
  Home: The Arena for Sustainable development - A Conceptual Discussion
  International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, 2010, 6(1), 319-332.

Chapters in Books

Elin Wihlborg and Per Assmo
  Home: An Alternative Time-spatial Concept for Sustainable Development
  Transitions to sustainability: theoretical debates for a changing planet, Common Ground Publishing, 2014, 334-349.

Per Assmo and Elin Wihlborg
  Local Alternative Development through a Time-Spatial Lens: A Case Study of Ydre Inspired by Hägerstrand
  Entrepreneurship, Social Capital and Governance: Directions for the Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Regions, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013, 378-391.

Conference Articles

Per Assmo and Elin Wihlborg
  Local Policy Entrepreneurs and Sustainable Development in Rural Areas
  Regional development in an international context: regional, national, cross border and international factors for growth and development. Revised papers presented at the 18th Uddevalla symposium, 11-13 June, 2015, Sönderborg, Denmark, 2015.

Elin Wihlborg and Per Assmo
  A Time-Spatial Approach towards Integrated Sustainable Development of Post-Monetarism
  the 14th Uddevalla Symposium, Bergamo, Italy, 16-18 June 2011., 2011.

Per Assmo and Elin Wihlborg
  Ydre 2.0: An Alternative Time-Spatial Approach towards Post-Monetarism
  ERSA 2010, 2010.

Licentiate Theses

Martin Berry
  Sockentänk: En studie av två deltagardemokratiska experiment i Ydre kommun

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