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Paul Enthoven, Peter Molander, Birgitta Öberg, Britt-Marie Stålnacke, Gunilla Stenberg and Björn Gerdle
  Do pain characteristics guide selection for multimodal pain rehabilitation?
  Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2017, 49, 161-169.
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Gunilla Stenberg, Elisabeth Pietila Holmner, Britt-Marie Stalnacke and Paul Enthoven
  Healthcare professional experiences with patients who participate in multimodal pain rehabilitation in primary care - a qualitative study
  Disability and Rehabilitation, 2016, 38(20-21), 2085-2094.
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Klas Sandberg, Marie Kleist, Lars Falk and Paul Enthoven
  Effects of Twice-Weekly Intense Aerobic Exercise inQ1 Early Subacute Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2016, 97(8), 1244-1253.
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Yvonne Lindbäck, Hans Tropp, Paul Enthoven, Allan Abbott and Birgitta Öberg
  PREPARE: Pre-surgery physiotherapy for patients with degenerative lumbar spine disorder: a randomized controlled trial protocol
  BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2016, 17(270), .
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Gunilla Stenberg, Britt-Marie Stålnacke and Paul Enthoven
  Implementing multimodal pain rehabilitation in primary care - a health care professional perspective.
  Disability and Rehabilitation, 2016, 19, 1-9.

Björn Gerdle, Peter Molander, Gunilla Stenberg, Britt-Marie Stålnacke and Paul Enthoven
  Weak outcome predictors of multimodal rehabilitation at one-year follow-up in patients with chronic pain-a practice based evidence study from two SQRP centres.
  BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2016, 17(1), .
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Maria Landén Ludvigsson and Paul Enthoven
  Evaluation of physiotherapists as primary assessors of patients with musculoskeletal disorders seeking primary health care
  Physiotherapy, 2012, 98(2), 131-137.
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Sven Engström, Henrik Magnusson, Paul Enthoven, Lars Walter, Kristine Thorell, Anders Halling and Lars Borgquist
  Social status påverkar kostnader för läkemedel och vård: Vårdval bör ta hänsyn till socioekonomiska faktorer, visar registerstudie
  Läkartidningen, 2009, 106(48), 3248-3253.

Paul Enthoven, Elisabeth Skargren, John Carstensen and Birgitta Öberg
  Predictive factors for 1-year and 5-year outcome for disability in a working population of patients with low back pain treated in primary care
  Pain, 2006, 122(1-2), 137-144.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 45

Paul Enthoven
  Ryggbesvär -långtidsförlopp samt prediktiva faktorer
  Incitament, 2006, 1, 67-70.

Paul Enthoven, Elisabeth Skargren and Birgitta Öberg
  Clinical course in patients seeking primary care for back or neck pain: a prospective 5-year follow-up of outcome and health care consumption with subgroup analysis
  Spine, 2004, 29(21), 2458-2465.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 75

Birgitta Öberg, Paul Enthoven, Görel Kjellman and Elisabeth Skargren
  Back pain in primary care: a prospective cohort study of clinical outcome and healthcare consumption
  Advances in Physiotherapy, 2003, 5(3), 98-108.

Paul Enthoven, Elisabeth Skargren, Görel Kjellman and Birgitta Öberg
  Course of back pain in primary care: a prospective study of physical measures
  Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2003, 35(4), 168-173.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 33

Conference Articles

Paul Enthoven
  Back Pain in Primary Care: a prospective cohort study of clinical outcome and health care consumption
  Humans in a Complex Environment,2002, 2002.

Ph.D. Theses

Paul Enthoven
  Back pain: long-term course and predictive factors


A Andersson, Kerstin Ekberg, Paul Enthoven, Görel Kjellman, Marlene Ockander, Elisabeth Skargren, Ingemar Åkerlind and Birgitta Öberg
  Vad är en god arbetslivsinriktad rehabilitering? Slutsatser baserade på en litteratursammanställning

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