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Journal Articles

D. Carlsson, Patrik Flisberg and M. Roennqvist
  Using robust optimization for distribution and inventory planning for a large pulp producer
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  Computers & Operations Research, 2014, 44, 214-225.
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Patrik Flisberg, Bertil Lidén and Mikael Rönnqvist
  A hybrid method based on linear programming and tabu search for routing of logging trucks
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  Computers & Operations Research, 2009, 36(4), 1122-1144.

Patrik Flisberg, Mikael Ronnqvist and Stefan Nilsson
  Billerud Optimizes Its Bleaching Process Using Online Optimization
  INTERFACES, 2009, 39(2), 119-131.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Patrik Flisberg, Stefan Nilsson and Mikael Rönnqvist
  Optimized on-line process control of bleaching operations with OptCab
  Norges Handelshoeyskole. Institutt for Foretaksoekonomi. Discussion Paper, 2007, , .

Patrik Flisberg, Mattias Forsberg and Mikael Ronnqvist
  Optimization based planning tools for routing of forwarders at harvest areas
  Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 2007, 37(11), 2153-2163.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 12

Patrik Eveborn, Patrik Flisberg and Mikael Rönnqvist
  Laps Care: an operational system for staff planning of home care
  European Journal of Operational Research, 2006, 171(3), 962-976.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 56

Patrik Flisberg, Stefan Nilsson and Mikael Rönnqvist
  Pulp fact, not fiction
  OR/MS Today, 2005, 32(2), 42-47.

Mikael Rönnqvist, Patrik Flisberg and Patrik Eveborn
  Home care operations
  OR/MS today, 2004, April, 38-43.

Conference Articles

Johan Bergman, Patrik Flisberg and Mikael Rönnqvist
  Roll cutting at paper mills
  Proceedings of the Control Systems 2002, 2002.

Ph.D. Theses

Patrik Flisberg
  Application of operations research in operative planning in the forest industry


Patrik Flisberg, Patrik Eveborn and Mikael Rönnqvist
  Staff planning in the Swedish home care system
  LiTH-MAT-R, 11, 2003.

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