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Publications for Ola Cederborg

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Journal Articles

Martin Rudberg and Ola Cederborg
  APS for Tactical Planning in a Steel Processing Company
  Industrial management + data systems, 2011, 111(3-4), 608-628.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Conference Articles

Ola Cederborg and Martin Rudberg
  Customer Segmentation and Capable-to-promise in a Capacity Constrained Manufacturing Environmen
  Proceedings of the 16th EurOMA Conference, 2009, 2009.

Ola Cederborg and Martin Rudberg
  Advanced Planning Systems: Master Planning in the Process Industry
  Proceedings of the 15th EurOMA Conference, 2008, 2008.

Licentiate Theses

Ola Cederborg
  Case studies in Advanced Planning Systems for Tactical Planning in Process Industries

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