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Journal Articles

Sara Nilsson, Erik Sundin and Mattias Lindahl
  Integrated product service offerings: Challenges in setting requirements
  Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018, 201, 879-887.

Conference Articles

Sara Nilsson, Lena Buffoni, Kristian Sandahl, Hanna Johansson and Bilal Tahir Sheikh
  Empirical Study of Requirements Engineering in Cross Domain Development
  DS 92: Proceedings of the DESIGN 2018 15th International Design Conference, 2018.

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Stefan Wiesner, Sara Nilsson and Klaus-Dieter Thoben
  Integrating Requirements Engineering for Different Domains in System Development: Lessons Learnt from Industrial SME Cases
  Procedia CIRP: 9th CIRP IPSS Conference: Circular Perspectives on PSS, 2017.

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Sara Nilsson, Jonas Jensen, Mats Björkman and Erik Sundin
  11 Rules of Design for Manufacturing when Producing Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Components: an Application at SAAB Aerostructures
  SAE Technical Papers, 2016.

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Sara Nilsson and Mattias Lindahl
  A Literature Review to Understand the Requirements Specification’s Role when Developing Integrated Product Service Offerings
  Product-Service Systems across Life Cycle, 2016.

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Licentiate Theses

Sara Nilsson
  How requirements development could support design of effective and resource-efficient offerings

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