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Journal Articles

Sten Johansson, Xiaohu Zeng, Nils-Eric Andersson and Ru Peng
  Measurement of average texture of cold-rolled aluminium sheet by electron back-scattering diffraction: a comparison with neutron diffraction
  Materials Science & Engineering: A, 2001, 315(1-2), 129-135.

Conference Articles

Nils-Eric Andersson and Sten Johansson
  Fatigue crack growth rate in thick plates of 7010
  Fatigue 99: Proceedings of the 7th International Fatigue Conference, 1999.

Sten Johansson, Nils-Eric Andersson and Xiao-Hu Zeng
  The variation of through thickness properties and structure of AA7010 thick plate
  International Conference on Thermomechanical Processing of Steel and Other Materials 1997: THERMEC '97, 1997.

Nils-Eric Andersson, Xiao-Hu Zeng and Sten Johansson
  The influence of hot rolling on the variation of through thickness structure of AA7010 thick plates
  Thermomechanical processing in theory, modelling and practice [TMP]2: proceedings of an International Conference organised in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Swedish Society for the Materials Technology, 1996.

Ph.D. Theses

Nils-Eric Andersson
  Structure and properties of thick plate and near surface properties after high speed machining af AA7010


Nils-Eric Andersson
  High speed machine metallic structures NFFP-344 WE 2.2
  LITH-IKP-R, 1230, 2002.


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