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Patrik Johansson, David Jullesson, Anders Elfwing, Sara Liin, Chiara Musumeci, Erica Zeglio, Fredrik Elinder, Niclas Solin and Olle Inganäs
  Electronic polymers in lipid membranes
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  Scientific Reports, 2015, 5(11242), .
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Anders Elfwing, Fredrik Bäcklund, Chiara Musumeci, Olle Inganäs and Niclas Solin
  Protein nanowires with conductive properties
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3(25), 6499-6504.

Fredrik Bäcklund, Jens Wigenius, Fredrik Westerlund, Olle Inganäs and Niclas Solin
  Amyloid fibrils as dispersing agents for oligothiophenes: control of photophysical properties through nanoscale templating and flow induced fibril alignment
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  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2014, 2(37), 7811-7822.
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Fredrik Bäcklund and Niclas Solin
  Development and Application of Methodology for Rapid Screening of Potential Amyloid Probes
  ACS COMBINATORIAL SCIENCE, 2014, 16(12), 721-729.
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Niclas Solin and Olle Inganäs
  Protein Nanofibrils Balance Colours in Organic White-Light-Emitting Diodes
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  Israel Journal of Chemistry, 2012, 52(6), 529-539.
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Viktor Andersson, Sergej Masich, Niclas Solin and Olle Inganäs
  Morphology of organic electronic materials imaged via electron tomography
  Journal of Microscopy, 2012, 247(3), 277-287.
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Viktor Andersson, Caroline Skoglund, Kajsa Uvdal and Niclas Solin
  Preparation of amyloidlike fibrils containing magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: Effect of protein aggregation on proton relaxivity
  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications - BBRC, 2012, 419(4), 682-686.
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Niclas Solin, Fredrik Bäcklund and Olle Inganäs
  Preparation of amyloid-like materials functionalized with hydrophobic molecules
  Abstract of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 2011, 242, 526-ORGN.

Aurora Rizzo, Niclas Solin, Lars J Lindgren, Mats R Andersson and Olle Inganäs
  White Light with Phosphorescent Protein Fibrils in OLEDs
  NANO LETTERS, 2010, 10(6), 2225-2230.
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Aurora Rizzo, Olle Inganäs and Niclas Solin
  Preparation of Phosphorescent Amyloid-Like Protein Fibrils
  CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 2010, 16(14), 4190-4195.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 12

Qun Tang, Niclas Solin, Jun Lu and Olle Inganäs
  Hybrid bioinorganic insulin amyloid fibrils
  CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, 2010, 46(23), 4157-4159.
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Niclas Solin, Lu Han, Schunai Che and Osamu Terasaki
  An amphoteric mesoporous silica catalyzed aldol reaction
  Catalysis communications, 2009, 10(10), 1386-1389.
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Ph.D. Theses

Fredrik Bäcklund
  Preparation and Application of Functionalized Protein Fibrils

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