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Publications for Naveenkumar Rangaraju

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Journal Articles

Naveen Kumar, Dan Andersson, Anna Isaksson and Maria Olofsson
  Supplier risk management in direct sourcing from China
  International Journal of procurement management, 2011, 4(4), 363-385.

Naveen Kumar, Dan Andersson and Jakob Rehme
  Logistics of low cost country sourcing
  International Journal of Logistics, 2010, 13(2), 143-160.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Conference Articles

Daniel Chicksand, Naveen Kumar, Jakob Rehme and Helen Walker
  Global Purchasing – Implications for Purchasing and Logistics: A research synthesis
  Global Sourcing Workshop, 2011.

Anna Fredriksson and Naveen kumar Rangaraju
  Environmental sustainability in international sourcing – towards an integrated framework
  21th NOFOMA conference, Jönköping, June 11-12, 2009.

Dan Andersson, Naveen Kumar Rangaraju and Jakob Rehme
  Import Sourcing Decision Making: Swedish Sourcing from Asian Low Cost Countries
  IPSERA Conferenc,2007, 2007.

Jakob Rehme, Naveen Kumar Rangaraju and Dan Andersson
  Offshoring " breaking old bonds and establishing new ones: A study of Swedish industrial companies increasing practice to buy from LCC
  IMP Asia,2007, 2007.


Håkan Aronsson, Staffan Eklind and Naveen Kumar Rangaraju
  EXPERT INTERVIEWS IN ÖSTERGÖTLAND, SWEDEN - Results and analysis of the intersectoral expert interviews in the field of logistics and ICT
  LogOn Baltic Regional reports, 48, 2007.

Naveen Kumar Rangaraju and Håkan Aronsson
  LogOn Baltic Regional reports, 287, 2007.

Håkan Aronsson and Naveen Kumar Rangaraju
  LogOn Baltic Regional reports, 38, 2007.

Naveen Kumar Rangaraju and Dan Andersson
  India - Opportunities and logistics challenges
  IMIE Working Paper, 4, 2006.

Dan Andersson, Maria Huge-Brodin, Naveen Kumar Rangaraju and Jakob Rehme
  Logistic and Import Sourcing
  IMIE Working Paper, 2, 2006.

Jakob Rehme, Naveen Kumar Rangaraju and Dan Andersson
  Swedish Import Soucrcing: Development and trends of trade and good flows form low cost countries
  IMIE Working Paper, 1, 2006.


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