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Journal Articles

Muhammad Abbas, Oscar Gustafsson and Håkan Johansson
  On the Fixed-Point Implementation of Fractional-Delay Filters Based on the Farrow Structure
  IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems Part 1: Regular Papers, 2013, 60(4), 926-937.
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Conference Articles

Scott Fowler, Jalal Sarfraz, Muhammad Muddassir Abbas and Vangelis Angelakis
  Gaussian semi-Markov Model based on Real Video Multimedia Traffic
  IEEE International Conference on Communications Communications (ICC) 2015, 2015.

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Muhammad Abbas and Oscar Gustafsson
  Computational and Implementation Complexity of Polynomial Evaluation Schemes
  Proceedings of NORCHIP, 2011 Date:14-15 Nov. 2011, 2011.

Muhammad Abbas, Oscar Gustafsson and Anton Blad
  Low-Complexity Parallel Evaluation of Powers Exploiting Bit-Level Redundancy
  Conference Record of the Forty Fourth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (ASILOMAR), 2010, 7-10 Nov. 2010, 2010.

Muhammad Abbas, Oscar Gustafsson and Lars Wanhammar
  Power Estimation of Recursive and Non-Recursive CIC Filters Implemented in Deep-Submicron Technology
  Proceedings of International Conference on Green Circuits and Systems (ICGCS), 2010, Date: 21-23 June, 2010, 2010.

Muhammad Abbas and Oscar Gustafsson
  Switching Activity Estimation of CIC Filter Integrators
  Proceedings of Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PrimeAsia), 2010, Date:22-24 Sept. 2010, 2010.

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Muhammad Abbas, Fahad Qureshi, Zaka Ullah Sheikh, Oscar Gustafsson, Håkan Johansson and Kenny Johansson
  Comparison of Multiplierless Implementation of Nonlinear-Phase Versus Linear-Phase FIR filters

Ph.D. Theses

Muhammad Abbas
  On the Implementation of Integer and Non-Integer Sampling Rate Conversion

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