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Journal Articles

Bilal Syed, Jianqiang Zhu, Peter Polcik, Szilard Kolozsvari, Greger Håkansson, Lars Johnson, Mats Ahlgren, Mats Jöessar and Magnus Odén
  Morphology and microstructure evolution of Ti-50 at.% Al cathodes during cathodic arc deposition of Ti-Al-N coatings
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2017, 121(24), .

Jing Yang, F. Garcia Marro, T. Trifonov, Magnus Odén, Mats P. Johansson-Jöesaar and L. Llanes
  Contact damage resistance of TiN-coated hardmetals: Beneficial effects associated with substrate grinding
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2015, 275, 133-141.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Jianqiang Zhu, Muhammad Bilal Syed, Peter Polcik, G. Håkansson, Mats Johansson Jöesaar, M. Ahlgren and Magnus Odén
  Effects of cathode grain size and substrate fixturing on the microstructure evolution of arc evaporated Cr-cathodes and Cr-N coating synthesis
  Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2014, 32(2), 021515.

Hans Lind, Robert Pilemalm, Lina Rogström, Ferenc Tasnadi, Naureen Ghafoor, Rikard Forsén, Lars Johnson, Mats Jöesaar, Magnus Odén and Igor Abrikosov
  High temperature phase decomposition in TixZryAlzN
  AIP Advances, 2014, 4(12), 127147-1-127147-9.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Niklas Norrby, Mats P. Johansson Jöesaar and Magnus Odén
  Improved metal cutting performance with biasmodulated textured Ti0.50Al0.50N multilayers
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 257, 102-107.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Niklas Norrby, Lina Rogström, Mats P. Johansson Jöesaar, N. Schell and Magnus Odén
  In-situ x-ray scattering study of the cubic to hexagonal transformation of AlN in Ti1-xAlxN
  Acta Materialia, 2014, 73, 205-214.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

Kumar Yalamanchili, Rikard Forsén, Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, Mats P. Johansson Jöesaar, J.J. Roa, Naureen Ghafoor and Magnus Odén
  Structure, deformation and fracture of arc evaporated Zr-Si-N ternary hard films
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2014, 258, 1100-1107.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Hanna Fager, J. M. Andersson, Mats Johansson, Magnus Odén and Lars Hultman
  Growth of Hard Amorphous Ti-Al-Si-N Thin Films by Cathodic Arc Evaporation
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2013, 235(25), 376-385.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Niklas Norrby, Hans Lind, G Parakhonskiy, M P. Johansson, Ferenc Tasnadi, L S. Dubrovinsky, N Dubrovinskaia, Igor Abrikosov and Magnus Odén
  High pressure and high temperature stabilization of cubic AlN in Ti0.60Al0.40N
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2013, 113(5), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

Jianqiang Zhu, Mats Johansson Jöesaar, Peter Polcik, Jens Jensen, Grzegorz Greczynski, Lars Hultman and Magnus Odén
  Influence of Ti-Si cathode grain size on the cathodic arc process and resulting Ti-Si-N coatings
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2013, 235(25), 637-647.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Axel Knutsson, Jennifer Ullbrand, Lina Rogström, Niklas Norrby, Lars Johnson, Lars Hultman, J. Almer, M.P. Johansson, B. Jansson and Magnus Odén
  Microstructure evolution during the isostructural decomposition of TiAlN: a combined in-situ small angle x-ray scattering and phase field study
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2013, 113(21), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 27

Anders Eriksson, Naureen Ghafoor, Jens Jensen, Lars-Åke Näslund, Mats Johansson, J. Sjölen, Magnus Odén, Lars Hultman and Johanna Rosén
  Arc deposition of Ti–Si–C–N thin films from binary and ternary cathodes — Comparing sources of C
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2012, 213, 145-154.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Rikard Forsén, Mats Johansson, Magnus Odén and Naureen Ghafoor
  Decomposition and phase transformation in TiCrAlN thin coatings
  Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2012, 30(6), .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 25

Lina Rogström, Mats Johansson, Naureen Ghafoor, Lars Hultman and Magnus Odén
  Influence of chemical composition and deposition conditions on microstructure evolution during annealing of arc evaporated ZrAlN thin films
  Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. A. Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films, 2012, 30(3), 031504.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Niklas Norrby, Mats Johansson, Rachid M’Saoubi and Magnus Odén
  Pressure and temperature effects on the decomposition of arc evaporated Ti0.6Al0.4N coatings during metal cutting
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2012, 209, 203-207.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

Hans Lind, Rikard Forsén, Björn Alling, Naureen Ghafoor, Ferenc Tasnadi, M P Johansson, Igor Abrikosov and Magnus Odén
  Improving thermal stability of hard coating films via a concept of multicomponent alloying
  Applied Physics Letters, 2011, 99(9), 091903.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 49

Anders Eriksson, Jianqiang Zhu, Naureen Ghafoor, Mats Johansson, Jacob Sjölen, Jens Jensen, Magnus Odén, Lars Hultman and Johanna Rosén
  Layer Formation by Resputtering in Ti-Si-C Hard Coatings during Large Scale Cathodic Arc Deposition
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2011, 205(15), 3923-3930.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 31

Anders Eriksson, Jianqiang Zhu, Naureen Ghafoor, Jens Jensen, Grzegorz Greczynski, Mats Johansson, Jacob Sjölen, Magnus Odén, Lars Hultman and Johanna Rosén
  Ti-Si-C-N Thin Films Grown by Reactive Arc Evaporation from Ti3SiC2 Cathodes
  Journal of Materials Research, 2011, 26, 874-881.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 12

Lars Johnson, Lina Rogström, Mats Johansson, Magnus Odén and Lars Hultman
  Microstructure evolution and age hardening in (Ti,Si)(C,N) thin films deposited by cathodic arc evaporation
  Thin Solid Films, 2010, 519(4), 1397-1403.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 19

Axel Knutsson, Mats Johansson, L Karlsson and Magnus Odén
  Thermally enhanced mechanical properties of arc evaporated Ti0.34Al0.66N/TiN multilayer coatings
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2010, 108(4), 044312.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 48

Niklas Hellgren, Torun Berlind, Gueorgui K. Gueorguiev, Mats P. Johansson, Sven Stafström and Lars Hultman
  Fullerene-like B C N thin films a computational andexperimental study
  Materials Science and Engineering B, 2004, 113(3), 242-247.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 13

Conference Articles

Mats Johansson, Esteban Broitman, Niklas Hellgren, Lars Hultman and Jan-Eric Sundgren
  High Resolution Electron Microscopy Studies of Magnetron Sputtered Leek-Like CNx Films
  Electron Microscopy 1998 Volume III Materials Science 2, 1998.

Ph.D. Theses

Niklas Norrby
  Microstructural evolution of TiAlN hard coatings at elevated pressures and temperatures

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Rikard Forsén
  Multicomponent Alloying for Improved Hard Coatings

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Licentiate Theses

Niklas Norrby
  High pressure and high temperature behavior of TiAlN

  Fulltext PDF


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