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Publications for Mattias Eriksson

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Journal Articles

Mattias Eriksson and Christoph Kessler
  Integrated Code Generation for Loops
  ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, 2012, 11(1), .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Christoph Kessler, Andrzej Bednarski and Mattias Eriksson
  Classification and generation of schedules for VLIW processors
  Concurrency, 2007, 19, 2369-2389.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Chapters in Books

Mattias Eriksson and Christoph Kessler
  Integrated modulo scheduling for clustered VLIW architectures
  High Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers: Fourth International Conference, HiPEAC 2009, Paphos, Cyprus, January 25-28, 2009. Proceedings, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2009, 65-79.

 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Conference Articles

Mattias Eriksson and Christoph Kessler
  Integrated Offset Assignment
  Proceedings 9th Workshop on Optimizations for DSP and Embedded Systems (ODES-9), 2011.

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Markus Ålind, Mattias Eriksson and Christoph Kessler
  BlockLib: A Skeleton Library for Cell Broadband Engine
  Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering, 2008.

Mattias Eriksson, Oskar Skoog and Christoph Kessler
  Optimal vs. Heuristic Integrated Code Generation for Clustered VLIW Architectures.
  11th ACM SIGBED Int. Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems SCOPES 2008,2008, 2008.

Daniel Johansson, Mattias Eriksson and Christoph Kessler
  Bulk-synchronous parallel computing on the CELL processor
  PARS-2007 21. PARS - Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, May 31-Jun 1, 2007. GI/ITG-Fachgruppe Parallel-Algorithmen, -Rechnerstrukturen und -Systemsoftware PARS.,2007, 2007.

Christoph Kessler, Peter Fritzson and Mattias Eriksson
  NestStepModelica - Mathematical Modeling and Bulk-Synchronous Parallel Simulation
  8th International Workshop, PARA 2006, Umeå, Sweden, June 18-21, 2006, Revised Selected Papers, 2007.

Mattias Eriksson, Christoph Kessler and Mikhail Chalabine
  Load balancing of irregular parallel divide-and-conquer algorithms in group-SPMD programming environments
  8th Workshop on Parallel Systems and Algorithms PASA 2006, 2006.

Ph.D. Theses

Mattias Eriksson
  Integrated Code Generation

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Licentiate Theses

Mattias Eriksson
  Integrated Software Pipelining

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