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Journal Articles

Margareta Leijon, Gunnel Hensing and Kristina Alexanderson
  Sickness absence due to musculoskeletal diagnoses: association with occupational gender segregation
  Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2004, 32(2), 94-101.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 36

Preben Bendtsen, Margareta Leijon, Ann Sofie Sommer and Margareta Kristenson
  Measuring health-related quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a routine hospital setting: Feasibility and perceived value
  Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 2003, 1(5), .

Margareta Leijon, Gunnel Hensing and Kristina Alexanderson
  Gender trends in sick-listing with musculoskeletal symptoms in a Swedish county during a period of rapid increase in sickness absence
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine, 1998, 26(3), 204-213.

Toomas Timpka, Margareta Leijon, Göran Karlsson, Lilian Svensson and Per Bjurulf
  Long-term economic effects of team-based clinical case management of patients with chronic minor disease and long-term absence from working life
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine, 1997, 25(4), 229-237.

Kristina Alexanderson, Margareta Leijon, Ingemar Åkerlind, Hillevi Rydh and Per Bjurulf
  Epidemiology of sickness absence in a Swedish county in 1985, 1986 and 1987: A three year longitudinal study with focus on gender, age and occupation
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine, 1994, 22(1), 27-34.

J. O. Hörnquist, B. Hansson, Margareta Leijon and Bo Mikaelsson
  Repeated short-term sick-leave and quality of life: An evaluation of a clinical socio-medical intervention
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine, 1990, 18(2), 91-95.

Margareta Leijon and Bo Mikaelsson
  Repeated short-term sick-leave as a possible symptom of psycho-social problems
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine, 1984, 12(4), 165-169.

Ph.D. Theses

Margareta Leijon
  Integrating perspectives in social medicine


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