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Publications for Malin Nordström

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Journal Articles

Malin Nordström and Karin Axelsson
  Practitioners’ motives as a key issue in organizing practice research collaboration
  Systems, Signs & Actions, 2011, 5(1), 133-146.

Conference Articles

Göran Goldkuhl and Malin Nordström
  Challenges in IT service management: institution vs. improvisation
  the 3rd International workshop on IT Artefact Design & Workpractice Improvement, Friedrichshafen, 2014.

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Malin Nordström and Karin Axelsson
  Practitioners’ Motives for Participating in Practice Research: Experiences from a knowledge initiative in IS maintenance and evolution
  International and Inter-disciplinary Workshop on Practice Research, June 8, 2011, Helsinki, Finland, 2011.

Malin Nordström, Karin Axelsson and Ulf Melin
  Exploring the Characteristics of Information Systems Maintenance: Defining Focus and Content through Objects
  Nordic Contributions in IS Research: Second Scandinavian Conference, on Information Systems, SCIS 2011, Turku, Finland, August 16-19, 2011. Proceedings, 2011.

Malin Nordström and Karin Axelsson
  Kunskapsinitiativet om systemförvaltning
  Sundsvall 42,2008, 2008.

Ph.D. Theses

Malin Nordström  Styrbar systemförvaltning: att organisera systemförvaltningsverksamhet med hjälp av effektiva förvaltningsobjekt

Licentiate Theses

Ann-Margreth Hammar
  Från projektorganisation till förvaltningsorganisation: en studie av överlämningsarenan

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