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Conference Articles

Karin Wårdell, Malcolm Latorre and Adrian D.C. Chan
  The Paxon – A Physical Axonal Mimic
  6th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, San Diego, California, USA, 6 - 8 November, 2013.

Malcolm Latorre and Karin Wårdell
  Evaluation of the Paxon: Electro-physical Myelinated Exon Model (poster)
  Medicinteknikdagarna 2011, 11-12 oktober 2011, Linköping, Sweden, 2011.

Malcolm Latorre, Rejean Munger, Adrian Chan and Karin Wårdell
  The Paxon: An Electro-physical Model of a Myelinated Exon (poster)
  World Congress of neurotechnology, Rome 11-14 Oct. 2010, 2010.