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Journal Articles

Magnus Lindskog
  Mythbusting in the logistics domain: a second look at systems theory usage
  Logistics Research, 2012, 5(1-2), 3-20.

Magnus Lindskog
  Systems theory - myth or mainstream?
  Logistics Research, 2012, 4(1-2), 63-81.

Magnus Lindskog, Mats Abrahamsson and Håkan Aronsson
  Visualisation for System Learning in Supply Chains
  International Journal of Learning and Change, 2007, 2(2), 170-191.

Chapters in Books

Magnus Lindskog
  Furnitura Manufacturing
  Nordic case reader in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University Press of Southern Denmark, 2006, 161-167.

Conference Articles

Björn Oskarsson and Magnus Lindskog
  Diagnostic testing as a basis for differentiated course design in logistics and SCM: An evaluation of the systems thinking inventory
  Proceedings of the 22nd NOFOMA conference, 2010.

Magnus Lindskog
  Systems Thinking - Hard(ly) Core?
  Nofoma 2008,2008, 2008.

Mats Abrahamsson, Håkan Aronsson and Magnus Lindskog
  Beyond the Beer-Game: An Arena for Visualising Complex Logistics Systems.
  Annual NOFOMA Conference for Nordic Researchers in Logistics: Challenging Boundaries with Logistics.,2004, 2004.

Magnus Lindskog and Dan Andersson
  Propositions for Studies of Third Party Logistics Establishment Processes
  Annual Conference for Nordic Researchers in Logistics, NOFOMA,2003, 2003.

Ph.D. Theses

Magnus Lindskog
  On systems thinking in logistics management - A critical perspective

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Licentiate Theses

Magnus Lindskog
  Changing to third party logistics

  Fulltext PDF


Magnus Lindskog
  Actors’ systems thinking in a logistics context: An application of cognitive mapping
  LIU-IEI-WP, 2012:1, 2012.

Hans Olov Sarv, Håkan Aronsson, Jan Carlsson and Magnus Lindskog
  Systemiskt lärande som ansats i logistikutvecklingen - en studie av svensk internethandel
  IMIE Research report, 1, 2002.

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