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Publications for Magnus Kald

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Journal Articles

Magnus Kald
  Strategic positioning: a study of the Nordic paper and pulp industry
  Strategic Change, 2003, 12(6), 329-343.

Fredrik Nilsson and Magnus Kald
  Recent advances in performance management: the Nordic case
  European Management Journal, 2002, 20(3), 235-245.

Magnus Kald, Fredrik Nilsson and Birger Rapp
  On strategy and management control: the importance of classifying the strategy of the business
  British Journal of Management, 2000, 11(3), 197-212.
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Magnus Kald and Fredrik Nilsson
  Performance measurement at Nordic companies
  European Management Journal, 2000, 18(1), 113-127.

Conference Articles

Magnus Kald and Fredrik Nilsson
  Affärsstrategier, prestationsmätningssystem och ekonomiska resultat: empiriska bevis
  The 17th Nordic Conference on Business Studies in Reykjavik, 2003.

Ph.D. Theses

Magnus Kald  In the borderland between strategy and management control: theoretical framework and empirical evidence

Licentiate Theses

Magnus Kald
  The role of management control systems in strategic business units


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