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Journal Articles

Louise Sörme, Arvid Lindqvist and H. Soderberg
  Capacity to influence sources of heavy metals to wastewater treatment sludge
  Environmental Management, 2003, 31(3), 421-428.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 16

Louise Sörme and R. Lagerkvist
  Sources of heavy metals in urban wastewater in Stockholm
  Science of the Total Environment, 2002, 298(1-3), 131-145.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 177

Louise Sörme, B Bergbäck and Ulrik Lohm
  Century Perspective of Heavy Metal Use in Urban Areas.: A Case Study in Stockholm
  Water, air, & soil pollution. Focus, 2001, 1(3-4), 197-211.

Louise Sörme and Johan Hedbrant
  Data Vagueness and Uncertainties in Urban Heavy-Metal Data Collection
  Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 2001, 1(3-4), 43-53.

Louise Sörme, Bo Bergbäck and Ulrik Lohm
  Goods in the Anthroposphere as a Metal Emission Source: A Case Study of Stockholm, Sweden
  Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 2001, 1(3-4), 213-227.

Ph.D. Theses

Louise Sörme  Urban heavy metals: Stocks and flows


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