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Journal Articles

Lisa Hansson and Elin Wihlborg
  Constructing an active citizen online: A case study of blogs of medical histories in public healthcare in Sweden
  International Journal of Public Information Systems, 2015, 11(1), 1-16.

Martina Wikström, Lisa Hansson and Per Alvfors
  Socio-technical experiences from electric vehicle utilisation in commercial fleets
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  Applied Energy, 2014, 123, 82-93.
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Lisa Hansson and Frode Longva
  Contracting accountability in network governance structures
  Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, 2014, 11(2), 92-110.
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Lisa Hansson
  Hybrid steering cultures in the governance of public transport: a successful way to meet demands?
  Research in Transportation Economics, 2013, 39(1), 175-184.

Petter Næss, Lisa Hansson, Tim Richardson and Aud Tennøy
  Knowledge-based land use and transport planning?: Consistency and gap between “state-of-the-art” knowledge and knowledge claims in planning documents in three Scandinavian city regions
  Planning Theory & Practice, 2013, 14(4), 470-491.

Lisa Hansson
  The private whistleblower: defining a new type of role in the public system
  Business and Politics, 2012, 14(2), .

Lisa Hansson and Johan Holmgren
  Bypassing public procurement regulation: a study of rationality inlocal decision making
  Regulation and Governance, 2011, 5(3), 368-385.
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Lisa Hansson
  The tactics behind public transport procurements: an integrated actor approach
  European Transport Research Review, 2011, 3(4), 197-209.

Lisa Hansson
  Solving procurement problems in public transport: Examining multi-principal roles in relation to effective control mechanisms
  Research in Transportation Economics, 2010, 29(1), 124-132.

Chapters in Books

Lisa Hansson
  Flexible Rural Service Provision: Barriers and Possibilities
  Regional development in an international context: regional, national, cross border and international factors for growth and development. Revised papers presented at the 18th Uddevalla symposium, 11-13 June, 2015, Sönderborg, Denmark, Högskolan i Väst, 2015, 267-282.

Lisa Hansson
  In search of sustainability: examining the variation in a national planning model when applied to different urban transport projects
  Urban Transport XVIII: Urban transport and the environment in the 21 century, WIT Press, 2012, 457-468.

Lisa Hansson
  Negativt entreprenörskap: - fallet upphandling
  <em>Politikens entreprenörer</em>, Liber, 2011, 194-212.

Lisa Hansson
  Spela med tiden - kommunalpolitiska strategier för att nå inflytande i trafikfrågor
  Resande, planering, makt, Arkiv förlag, 2008, 262.

Conference Articles

Martina Wikstrom, Lisa Hansson and Per Alvfors
  An end has a start - investigating the usage of electric vehicles in commercial fleets

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Lisa Hansson and Åsa Weinholt
  Collaborative practices at local government level: examples from the emergency service sector
  XXIII Nordiska kommunforskningskonferensen, 2014.

Lisa Hansson, Enza Lissandrello, Frode Longva, Petter Naess, Tim Richardson and Tomas Svensson
  A Scandinavian public transport model?: A comparative study of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
  Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport: Contractural Setting: Workshop 5. The Roles and Responsibilities of Government and Operators, 2013.

Lisa Hansson and Frode Longva
  Contracting accountability in Multi-level Networks
  XVII International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) Conference, 10-12 April 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, 2013.

Lisa Hansson
  Policy genom konsultokrati och branschlobbyism: - en första analys
  Statsvetenskapliga förbundets årsmöte 2013, Stockholm, 2-4 oktober 2013, 2013.

Lisa Hansson
  Offentliga beslutsfattares agerande vid upphandling av kollektivtrafik: - styrning, roller och handlingsutrymme
  Transportforum 2013, 9-10 januari, Linköping, 2013.

Lisa Hansson
  Samverkan mellan aktörer - markanvändning och trafikplanering
  Spårvagnsstädernas höstkonferens 2013, Linköping, 14-15 november 2013, 2013.

Lisa Hansson
  Contracting Accountability
  Statsvetenskapliga förbundets årsmöte 2012, Växjö, 26-28 september 2012, 2012.

Lisa Hansson
  Hybrid steering cultures in the governance of public transport: – a successful way to meet demands?
  <em>Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport</em>: Governance, contracting and ownership issues in public transport, 2011.

Lisa Hansson
  Managing Problems in Public Procurement of regional bus transport involved in an EU infrigiment process
  Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport: Contractural Setting, 2009.

Lisa Hansson
  Kollektivtrafik som arena för regional utveckling
  Transportforum 2007, 2007.

Lisa Hansson
  Tid och infrastrukturella beslutsprocesser
  Statsvetenskapliga förbundets årsmöte 2007,2007, 2007.

Lisa Hansson
  Perspektiv på tid- diskussion om hur man kan studera politiskt beslutsfattande i kollektivtrafikfrågor
  Statsvetenskaplig metodkonferens,2007, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Linnea Eriksson
  Policy Integration for Sustainable Transport Development: Case Studies of Two Swedish Regions

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Lisa Hansson
  Public Procurement at the Local Government Level: Actor roles, discretion and constraints in the implementation of public transport goals

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Robert Hrelja, Lisa Hansson, Tim Richardson, Tomas Svensson, Enza Lissandrello, Petter Næss, Aud Tennøy and Frode Longva
  Innovations for sustainable public transport: Experiences and challenges in the Scandinavian countries
  VTI rapport, 799, 2013.

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Åsa Aretun and Lisa Hansson
  Ekonomiska styrmedel för en hållbar personbilstrafik – konsekvenser för tillgänglighet: En kunskapsöversikt
  VTI notat, 33-2012, 2012.

Susanne Nordbakke and Lisa Hansson
  Mobilitet og velferd blant bevegelseshemmede - bilens rolle
  TÖI rapport 1041/2009, , 2009.

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