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Journal Articles

Lisa Bjartmar, Liza Alkhori, Johan Ruud, Jan Marcusson and Martin Hallbeck
  Long-term treatment with antidepressants, but not environmental stimulation, induces expression of NP2 mRNA in hippocampus and medial habenula
  Brain Research, 2010, 1328, 24-33.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Lisa Bjartmar, Andrew Huberman, Erik Ullian, René Rentería, Xiaoqin Liu, Weifeng Xu, Jennifer Prezioso, Michael Susman, David Stellwagen, Caleb Stokes, Richard Cho, Paul Worley, Robert Malenka, Sherry Ball, Neal Peachey, David Copenhagen, Barbara Chapman, Masaru Nakamoto, Ben Barres and Mark Perin
  Neuronal pentraxins mediate synaptic refinement in the developing visual system
  Journal of Neuroscience, 2006, 26(23), 6269-6281.

Lisa Bjartmar, Inga-Maj Johansson, Jan Marcusson, S-B Ross, JR Seckl and T Olsson
  Selective effects on NGFI-A, MR, GR and NGFI-B hippocampal mRNA expression after chronic treatment with different subclasses of antidepressants in the rat
  Psychopharmacology, 2000, 151(1), 7-12.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 54

Inga-Maj Johansson, Lisa Bjartmar, Jan Marcusson, Svante Ross, Jonathan Seckl and Tommy Olsson
  Chronic amitriptyline treatment induces hippocampal NGFI-A, glucocorticoid receptor and mineralocorticoid receptor mRNA expression in rats
  Brain Research. Molecular Brain Research, 1998, 62(1), 92-95.

Ph.D. Theses

Lisa Bjartmar
  Pharmacological and Developmental Aspects on Neuronal Plasticity

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