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Journal Articles

Lars Lindkvist, Marie Bengtsson, Dan-Magnus Svensson and Linnea Wahlstedt
  Replacing old routines: how Ericsson software developers and managers learned to become agile
  Industrial and Corporate Change, 2017, 26(4), 571-591.

Chapters in Books

Ramsin Yakob, Marie Bengtsson and Linnéa Wahlstedt
  Att Styra Problemlösning
  Styrning: med projekt och kunskap i fokus, Studentlitteratur, 2012, 225-244.

Lars Lindkvist, Marie Bengtsson and Linnea Wahlstedt
  Knowledge Integration and Creation in Projects: Towards a Progressive Epistemology
  Knowledge Integration & Innovation: Critical Challenges Facing International Technology-based Firms, Oxford University Press, 2011, 310.

Ph.D. Theses

Linnéa Wahlstedt
  Dynamic Knowledge Integration: A field study of an Information Systems Development Project

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