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Lena Thunell, Cecilia Bivik, Petra Wäster, Mats Fredrikson, Annika Stjernstrom, Ingrid Synnerstad, Inger Rosdahl and Charlotta Enerbäck
  MDM2 SNP309 promoter polymorphism confers risk for hereditary melanoma
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  Melanoma research, 2014, 24(3), 190-197.

Lovisa Farnebo, Katharina Tiefenböck, Anna Ansell, Lena Thunell, Stina Garvin and Karin Roberg
  Strong expression of survivin is associated with positive response to radiotherapy and improved overall survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients
  International Journal of Cancer, 2013, 133(8), 1994-2003.
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Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Muhammad Suleman Khan, Lena Thunell, Hareth Nahi and Henrik Green
  Association of CYP2B6 Genotype with Survival and Progression Free Survival in Cyclophosphamide Treated Multiple Myeloma
  Journal of Cancer Therapy, 2012, 3(1), 20-27.
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Lovisa Farnebo, Fredrik Jerhammar, Rebecca Ceder, Roland C Grafström, Linda Vainikka, Lena Thunell, Reidar Grénman, Ann-Charlotte Johansson and Karin Roberg
  Combining factors on protein and gene level to predict radioresponse in head and neck cancer cell lines
  Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, 2011, 40(10), 739-746.
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Lovisa Farnebo, Adam Jedlinski, Anna Ansell, Linda Vainikka, Lena Thunell, Reidar Grenman, Ann-Charlotte Johansson and Karin Roberg
  Proteins and single nucleotide polymorphisms involved in apoptosis, growth control, and DNA repair predict cisplatin sensitivity in head and neck cancer cell lines
  International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2009, 24(4), 549-556.
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Emelie Djerf, Cecilia Trinks, Avni Abdiu, Lena Thunell, Anna-Lotta Hallbeck and Thomas M Walz
  ErbB receptor tyrosine kinases contribute to proliferation of malignant melanoma cells: inhibition by gefitinib (ZD1839)
  Melanoma research, 2009, 19(3), 156-166.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 21

Anna Ansell, Lovisa Farnebo, Reidar Grenman, Karin Roberg and Lena Thunell
  Polymorphism of FGFR4 in cancer development and sensitivity to cisplatin and radiation in head and neck cancer
  Oral Oncology, 2009, 45(1), 23-29.
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Lena Eklund, Khaleda Islam, Peter Söderkvist and Quamrul Islam
  Regional mapping of suppressor loci for anchorage independence and tumorigenicity on human chromosome 9
  Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, 2001, 130(2), 118-126.
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Lena K. Eklund, Erika Lindström, Anne Birgitte Undén, Barbro Lundh-Rozell, Mona Ståhle-Bäckdahl, Peter G. Zaphiropoulos, Rune Toftgård and Peter Söderkvist
  Mutation analysis of the human homologue of drosophila patched and the xeroderma pigmentosum complementation group A genes in squamous cell carcinomas of the skin
  Molecular Carcinogenesis, 1998, 21(2), 87-92.

Ph.D. Theses

Lena Eklund
  Molecular alterations in squamous cell carcinomas of the skin: emphasis on genes on chromosome 9q

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