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Journal Articles

Lena Högberg, Tobias Schölin, Monder Ram and Trevor Jones
  Categorising and labelling entrepreneurs: Business support organisations constructing the Other through prefixes of ethnicity and immigrantship
  International Small Business Journal, 2016, 34(3), 242-260.
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Lena Högberg and Elisabeth Sundin
  Innovative practices in work, organization and regional development: problems and prospects
  Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration, (18)4, School of Public Administration, University of Gothenburg, 2014.

Chapters in Books

Lena Högberg, Elisabeth Sundin and Malin Tillmar
  New forms of organization: new ways to organize
  Sustainable development in organizations: studies on innovative practices, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015, 169-184.

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Lena Andersson Högberg and Anders W Johansson
  Small business promotion and intermediating as societal entrepreneurship
  Societal Entrepreneurship: Positioning, Penetrating, Promoting, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012, 117-138.

Lena Andersson Högberg
  Interprenörskap - Ett FöretagsNära entreprenörskap i det offentligas regi
  Perspektiv på förnyelse och entreprenörskap i offentlig verksamhet, Forum för Småföretagsforskning, 2008, 107-121.

Conference Articles

Lena Högberg
  Entrepreneurs who care: Identity work as discursive positioning in relation to ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘diversity’ in home-help service to ‘elderly immigrants’
  8th International Conference in Critical Management Studies, 10-12 July 2013, Manchester, UK, 2013.

Lena Andersson Högberg and Åsa-Karin Engstrand
  A discursive approach to sensemaking at work
  Fourth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, 21-23 June 2012, Helona Resort, Kos, Greece, 2012.

Lena Andersson Högberg
  Contrasting as a research strategy for highlighting polyphonic sensemaking in stories of organizational life
  27th EGOS Colloquium, 2011.

Lena Andersson Högberg
  Deconstructing the Motives of Constructing an Intermediary between Public Services and Private Entrepreneurs
  56th Annual ICSB World Conference, Stockholm, 2011.

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Lena Andersson Högberg
  Hybrid aspects in a public collaboration project - A sensemaking approach to understanding hybridization
  Latin American European Meeting on Organization Studies Colloquium,2008, 2008.

Lena Andersson Högberg
  Private sector norms in a public sector project: Picturing diverging images of project organising
  European Academy of Management,2007, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Jenny Appelkvist
  Professionsföretagare: I skärningspunkten mellan småföretagande, profession och genus

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Michelle Sara Monachino
  The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach as a framework for business involvement in health promotion in the welfare state

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Lena Andersson Högberg
  När strävan efter samsyn blir en kamp: Meningsskapande och meningsgivande i mångtydiga sammanhang

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Lena Andersson Högberg
  Organisering för samordning och samsyn: En studie av Kindas kärntrupp för rehabiliteringssamverkan kring äldre
  FoU-rapport, 69, 2012.

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Lena Andersson
  Clashing meanings: Sensemaking and sensegivingin equivocal contexts
  HELIX working papers, 2011:1, 2011.

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