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Journal Articles

Martina S Abelius, Esma Lempinen, Karin Lindblad, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen, Lennart Nilsson and Maria Jenmalm
  Th2-like chemokine levels are increased in allergic children and influenced by maternal immunity during pregnancy
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  Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 2014, 25(4), 387-393.
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Martina S Abelius, Camilla Janefjord, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen, Karel Duchén, Lennart J Nilsson and Maria Jenmalm
  The Placental Immune Milieu is Characterized by a Th2- and Anti-Inflammatory Transcription Profile, Regardless of Maternal Allergy, and Associates with Neonatal Immunity.
  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2014, , .

Leif Matthiesen
  Letter: Reply to Do dose-related mechanisms exist for the angiogenic behaviours of heparin derivatives?, Yavuc C, Karahan O.
  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2012, 68(3), 187-188.

Roland Boij, Judit Svensson, Kristina Nilsson-Ekdahl, Kerstin Sandholm, Tomas Lindahl, Elzbieta Palonek, Mats Garle, Göran Berg, Jan Ernerudh, Maria Jenmalm and Leif Matthiesen
  Biomarkers of Coagulation, Inflammation, and Angiogenesis are Independently Associated with Preeclampsia
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Martina S Abelius, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen, Lennart Nilsson and Maria Jenmalm
  High cord blood levels of the T-helper 2-associated chemokines CCL17 and CCL22 precede allergy development during the first 6 years of life
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  Pediatric Research, 2011, 70(5), 495-500.
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Surendra Sharma, Joan Stabila, Linda Pietras, Arvind R Singh, Bethany McGonnigal, Jan Ernerudh, Leif Matthiesen and James F Padbury
  Haplotype-dependent Differential Activation of the Human IL-10 Gene Promoter in Macrophages and Trophoblasts: Implications for Placental IL-10 Deficiency and Pregnancy Complications
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Martina Sandberg, Anne Frykman, Yvonne Jonsson, Marie Persson, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen, Christina Ekerfelt and Maria Jenmalm
  Total and allergen-specific IgE levels during and after pregnancy in relation to maternal allergy
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Martina Sandberg, Anne Frykman, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen, Christina Ekerfelt, Lennart Nilsson and Maria Jenmalm
  Cord blood cytokines and chemokines and development of allergic disease
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Marie Persson, Christina Ekerfelt, Jan Ernerudh, Leif Matthiesen, Maria Jenmalm, Yvonne Jonsson, Martina Sandberg and Göran Berg
  Increased circulating paternal antigen-specific IFN-γ- and IL-4-secreting cells during pregnancy in allergic and non-allergic women
  Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2008, 79(1), 70-78.
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Charlotte Gustafsson (Lidström), Jenny Mjösberg, Andreas Matussek, Robert Geffers, Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Surendra Sharma, Jan Buer and Jan Ernerudh
  Gene expression profiling of human decidual macrophages: Evidence for immunosuppressive phenotype
  PLoS ONE, 2008, 3(4), e2078.
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Miodrag Palfi, Jan-Olof Hildén, Leif Matthiesen, Anders Selbing and Gösta Berlin
  A case of severe Rh (D) alloimmunization treated by intensive plasma exchange and high-dose intravenous immunoglobulin
  Transfusion and apheresis science, 2006, 35(2), 131-136.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Yvonne Jonsson, Marie Rubér, Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Katri Nieminen, Surendra Sharma, Jan Ernerudh and Christina Ekerfelt
  Cytokine mapping of sera from women with preeclampsia and from women with normal pregnancies
  Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2006, 70(1-2), 83-91.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 95

Charlotte Gustafsson (Lidström), Pernilla Hummerdal, Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Christina Ekerfelt and Jan Ernerudh
  Cytokine secretion in decidual mononuclear cells from term human pregnancy with or without labour: ELISPOT detection of IFN-gamma, IL-4, IL-10, TGF-beta and TNF-alpha
  Journal of reproductive immunology, 2006, 71(1), 41-56.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

Eva Uustal Fornell, Leif Matthiesen, Rune Sjödahl and Göran Berg
  Obstetric anal sphincter injury ten years after: subjective and objective long term effects
  British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2005, 112(3), 312-316.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 49

Yvonne Jonsson, Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Jan Ernerudh, Katri Nieminen and Christina Ekerfelt
  Indications of an altered immune balance in preeclampsia: A decrease in in vitro secretion of IL-5 and IL-10 from blood mononuclear cells and in blood basophil counts compared with normal pregnancy
  Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2005, 66(1), 69-84.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 21

Charlotte Lidström Gustafsson, Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Surendra Sharma, Jan Ernerudh and Christina Ekerfelt
  Cytokine secretion patterns of NK cells and macrophages in early human pregnancy decidua and blood: Implications for suppressor macrophages in decidua
  American Journal of reproductive immunology, 2003, 50(6), 444-452.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 56

M Plevyak, N Hanna, S Mayer, S Murphy, H Pinar, L Fast, Christina Ekerfelt, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen and S Sharma
  Deficiency of decidual IL-10 in first trimester missed abortion: A lack of correlation with the decidual immune cell profile
  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2002, 47(4), 242-250.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 40

Barbara Jablonowska, Miodrag Palfi, Leif Matthiesen, Anders Selbing, Svante Kjellberg and Jan Ernerudh
  T and B lymphocyte subsets in patients with unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion: IVIG versus placebo treatment
  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2002, 48(5), 312-318.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Leif Matthiesen, Mohsen Khademi, Christina Ekerfelt, Göran Berg, Surendra Sharma, Tomas Olsson and Jan Ernerudh
  In-situ detection of both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in resting peripheral blood mononuclear cells during pregnancy
  Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 2002, 58(1), 49-59.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Göran Berg, Christina Ekerfelt, Mats Hammar, R Lindgren, Leif Matthiesen and Jan Ernerudh
  Cytokine changes in postmenopausal women treated with estrogens: A placebo-controlled study
  , 2002, , .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 25

Christina Ekerfelt, Charlotte Lidström, Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Surendra Sharma and Jan Ernerudh
  Spontaneous secretion of interleukin-4, interleukin-10 and interferon-gamma by first trimester decidual mononuclear cells
  American Journal of reproductive immunology, 2002, 47(3), 159-166.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 22

Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Jan Ernerudh and L Håkansson
  Lymphocyte subsets and mitogen stimulation of blood lymphocytes in preeclampsia.
  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 1999, 41, 192-203.

Christina Ekerfelt, Leif Mathiesen, Göran Berg and Jan Ernerudh
  Th2-deviation of fetus-specific T cells
  Immunology today (Amsterdam. Regular ed.), 1999, 20, 534-534.

Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Jan Ernerudh and Thomas Skogh
  A prospective study on the occurrence of autoantibodies in low-risk pregnancies. 
  European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology, 1999, 83, 21-26.

Miodrag Palfi, Barbara Jablonowska, Leif Matthiesen and Jan Ernerudh
  Circulating interferon-gamma- and interleukin-4 - secreting cells in recurrent spontaneous abortions. 
  American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 1999, 41, 257-263.

Eva K. Uustal Fornell, Göran Berg, Olof Haalböök, Leif S. Matthiesen and Rune Sjödahl
  Clinical consequences of anal sphincter rupture during vaginal delivery
  Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 1996, 183(6), 553-558.

Chapters in Books

Leif Matthiesen, Göran Berg, Jan Ernerudh, Christina Ekerfelt, Yvonne Jonsson and Surendra Sharma
  Immunology of preeclampsia
  Immunology of Pregnancy, S. Karger, 2005, 49-61.

Conference Articles

R Boij, Göran Berg, K Nilsson-Ekdahl, J Svensson, K Sandholm, Tomas Lindahl, Leif Matthiesen, Maria Jenmalm, E Palonek and M Jarle
  Biomarkers of coagulation, inflammation and angiogenesis are independently associated with preeclampsia in JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY, vol 94, issue 1, pp 109-109

M Abelius, Jan Ernerudh, Göran Berg, Leif Matthiesen, L J Nilsson and Maria Jenmalm
  Immunological interactions between mother and child: a characterisation of Th1-and Th2-like chemokines during pregnancy, postpartum and childhood in JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY, vol 90, issue 2, pp 170-171

Jan Ernerudh, Anna Forsberg, E Straka, Ewa Johansson, Ratnesh Bhai Mehta, J Svensson, Leif Matthiesen, R Boij, Göran Berg, Jenny Mjösberg and Maria Jenmalm
  T helper cells and T helper cell plasticity in pregnancy in JOURNAL OF REPRODUCTIVE IMMUNOLOGY, vol 90, issue 2, pp 131-131

Ph.D. Theses

Yvonne Jonsson
  Cytokines and immune balance in preeclampsia: a survey of some immunological variables and methods in the study of preeclampsia

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Leif Skamris Matthiesen  Immune Changes in Pregnancy: A Survey of some Immunological Variables in Normal and Complicated Pregnancies

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