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Johannes H Österholm and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Autobiographical occasions in assessment meetings involving persons with dementia
  Qualitative Social Work, 2018, 17(1), 41-64.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Dementia, Embodied Memories, and the Self
  Journal of consciousness studies, 2018, 25(7-8), 225-241.

Andrew J. E. Harding, Hazel Morbey, Faraz Ahmed, Carol Opdebeeck, Ying-Ying Wang, Paula Williamson, Caroline Swarbrick, Iracema Leroi, David Challis, Linda Davies, David Reeves, Fiona Holland, Mark Hann, Ingrid Hellström, Lars-Christer Hydén, Alistair Burns, John Keady and Siobhan Reilly
  Developing a core outcome set for people living with dementia at home in their neighbourhoods and communities: study protocol for use in the evaluation of non-pharmacological community-based health and social care interventions
  Trials, 2018, 19, .
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Karin Myrberg, Lars-Christer Hydén and Christina Samuelsson
  Different approaches in aphasia assessments: a comparison between test and everyday conversations
  Aphasiology, 2018, 32(4), 417-435.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Narrative Matters in Medical Contexts across Disciplines
  Biography, 2018, 41(1), 152-154.

Elzana Odzakovic, Lars-Christer Hyden, Karin Festin and Agneta Kullberg
  People diagnosed with dementia in Sweden: What type of home care services and housing are they granted? A cross-sectional study
  Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2018, , .

Christina Samuelsson and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Collaboration, trouble and repair in multiparty interactions involving couples with dementia or aphasia
  International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 2017, 19(5), 454-464.
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Berit Björkman, Iréne Lund, Staffan Arnér and Lars-Christer Hyden
  The meaning and consequences of amputation and mastectomy from the perspective of pain and suffering
  Scandinavian Journal of Pain, 2017, 14(1), 100-107.

Monica E. Pettersson, Joakim Ohlen, Febe Friberg, Lars-Christer Hydén and Eva Carlsson
  Topics and structure in preoperative nursing consultations with patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery
  Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 2017, 31(4), 674-686.
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Johannes H Österholm and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Citizenship as practice: Handling communication problems in encounters between persons with dementia and social workers
  Dementia, 2016, 15(6), 1457-1473.
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Oystein Henriksen and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Communicating parent community at prevention meetings in Norwegian schools
  Qualitative Social Work, 2016, 15(1), 55-69.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Elin Nilsson
  Couples with dementia: Positioning the ‘we’
  Dementia, 2015, 14(6), 716-733.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Cutting Brussels sprouts: Collaboration involving persons with dementia
  Journal of Aging Studies, 2014, 29, 115-123.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Anders Hallqvist and Lars-Christer Hydén
  End of journey, end of story? A longitudinal study of involuntary work transitions among laid-off workers
  Studies in Continuing Education, 2014, 36(2), 201-217.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Nina Veetnisha Gunnarsson, Helena Hemmingsson, Lars-Christer Hydén and Lena Borell
  Managing Family Relations and Controlling Information While Supporting an Allergic Child
  Qualitative Sociology Review, 2013, 9(3), 205-219.

Nina Gunnarsson, Helena Hemmingsson and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Mothers’ accounts of healthcare encounters: Negotiating culpability and fulfilling the active mother role
  Discourse & Society, 2013, 24(4), 1-15.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Storytelling in dementia: Embodiment as a resource
  Dementia, 2013, 12(3), 359-367.
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E Carlsson, M Pettersson, Lars-Christer Hydén, J Öhlen and F Friberg
  Structure and content in consultations with patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer
  European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 2013, 17(6), 820-826.
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Anders Hallqvist and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Work transitions as told: a narrative approach to biographical learning
  Studies in Continuing Education, 2013, 35(1), 1-16.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Lars-Christer Hydén, Charlotta Plejert, Christina Samuelsson and Linda Örulv
  Feedback and common ground in conversational storytelling involvning people with Alzheimer's disease
  Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders/Equinox, 2012, 4(2), 211-247.

Anders Hallqvist and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Learning in occupational transitions: a study of the process following job loss
  Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, 2012, 43(3), 331-343.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Letting Stories Breathe: A Socio-narratology
  Sociology of Health and Illness, 2012, 34(1), 159-160.

Berit Björkman, Irene Lund, Staffan Anér and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Phantom phenomena – Their perceived qualities and consequences from the patient’s perspective
  Scandinavian Journal of Pain, 2012, 3(3), 134-140.

Anders Hallqvist, Per-Erik Ellström and Lars-Christer Hydén
  The many faces of biographical learning
  Studies in the Education of Adults, 2012, 44(1), 70-84.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Eleonor Antelius
  Communicative disability and stories: Towards an embodied conception of narratives
  Health, 2011, 15(6), 588-603.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Christina Samuelsson and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Intonational Patterns of Nonverbal Vocalizations in People With Dementia
  American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementia, 2011, 26(7), 563-572.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Narrative collaboration and scaffolding in dementia
  Journal of Aging Studies, 2011, 25(4), 339-347.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Narrative Collaboration and Scaffolding in Dementia
  Journal of Aging Studies, 2011, 25(4), 339-347.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Non-verbal vocalizations, dementia and social interaction
  Communication & Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Healthcare, Ethics and Society, 2011, 8(2), 135-144.

Lars- Christer Hyden
  The Importance of Providing Scaffolding to Support Patient Narratives When Brain Damage Impairs Storytelling Ability
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Berit Björkman, Irene Lund, Staffan Anér and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Adult limb and breast amputees' experience and descriptions of phantom phenomena: a qualitative study
  Scandinavian Journal of Pain, 2010, 1(1), 43-49.

Eva Liden, Joakim Ohlen, Lars-Christer Hydén and Febe Friberg
  Ways of talking about illness and prognosis in palliative cancer care consultations-two interactional frames
  SUPPORTIVE CARE IN CANCER, 2010, 18(4), 399-408.
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Lars-Christer Hydén and Linda Örulv
  Narrative and identity in Alzheimer’s disease: a case study
  Journal of Aging Studies, 2009, 23(4), 205-214.
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Nina Gunnarsson and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Organizing allergy and being a good parent: parents narratives about their childrens emerging problems
  Health, 2009, 13(2), 157-174.
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J. Öhlén, L. Carling Elofsson, Lars-Christer Hydén and F. Friberg
  Exploration of communicative patterns of consultations in palliative cancer care
  European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 2008, 12(1), 44-52.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Narrative in illness: A methodological note
  Qualitative sociology review, 2008, 4(3), 49-58.

Berit Bjorkman, Staffan Arner and Lars-Christer Hyden
  Phantom Breast and Other Syndromes After Mastectomy: Eight Breast Cancer Patients Describe Their Experiences Over Time
  Journal of Pain, 2008, 9(11), 1018-1025.
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Olav Lindqvist, Birgit H Rasmussen, Anders Widmark and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Time and Bodily Changes in Advanced Prostate Cancer: Talk About Time As Death Approaches
  Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 2008, 36(6), 648-656.
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Kristina Karlsson and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Democracy in talk: Dominance in ”usercentered” team meetings
  Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, 2007, 9(2), 91-111.

Linda Örulv and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Confabulation: sense-making, self-making and world-making in dementia
  Discourse Studies, 2006, 8(5), 647-673.
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E. Efraimsson, P.-O. Sandman, Lars-Christer Hydén and Rasmussen B. Holritz
  How to get one's voice heard: The problems of the discharge planning conference
  Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2006, 53(6), 646-655.
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Stefan Sävenstedt, Karin Zingmark, Lars-Christer Hydén and Christine Brulin
  Establishing joint attention in remote talks with the elderly about health: A study of nurses' conversation with elderly persons in teleconsultations
  Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 2005, 19(4), 317-324.
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E. Efraimsson, P.O. Sandman, Lars-Christer Hydén and B.H. Rasmussen
  Discharge planning: 'Fooling ourselves?' - Patient participation in conferences
  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2004, 13(5), 562-570.
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Lars-Christer Hydén and Christina Baggens
  Joint working relationships: Children, parents and child healthcare nurses at work.
  Communication & Medicine, 2004, 1(1), 71-83.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Pia Bülow
  Tidens väv: om sjukdomsberättelser
  TFL : tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap, 2004, 33(3-4), 70-83.

Pia Bülow and Lars-Christer Hydén
  In dialogue with time: Identity and illness in narratives about chronic fatigue
  Narrative Inquiry, 2003, 13(1), 71-97.
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Lars-Christer Hydén, Claes Nilholm and Kristina Karlsson
  När olikhet blir problem: handikappforskning, kontext och social interaktion
  Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 2003, 10, 319-333.

Pia Bülow and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Patient school as a way of creating meaning in a contested illness: The case of CFS
  Health, 2003, 7(2), 227-249.
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Lars-Christer Hydén and Pia Bülow
  Who's Talking: Drawing Conclusions from Focus Groups - Some Methodological Considerations
  International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 2003, 6, 305-321.

Inger Sandén and Lars-Christer Hydén
  How everyday life is affected: An interview study of relatives of men suffering from testicular cancer
  Journal of psychosocial oncology, 2002, 20(2), 27-44.
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Lars-Christer Hydén and Michael Peolsson
  Pain Gestures: The Orchestration of Talk and Body Gestures
  Health, 2002, 6(3), 325-345.
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Lars-Christer Hydén
  Ensamhet eller tvåsamhet: om social dekontextualisering och kontextualisering
  Utbildning och Demokrati, 2001, 10, 11-26.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Arminen, Ilkka: Therapeutic Interaction. A Study of Mutual Help in the Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 2000, 17(English Supplement), 107-110.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Bekännelsen skapade individens inre rum
  Svenska dagbladet, 2000, 2000-10-22, .

Michael Peolsson, Lars-Christer Hydén and U. Sätterlund-Larsson
  Living with chronic pain: A dynamic learning process
  Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2000, 7(3), 114-125.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Konversationskulturen inom AA. Recension av I. Arminens avhandling, Therapeutic Interaction
  Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 1999, 16, 377-380.

Lars-Christer Hydén and E. Mishler
  Medicine and LANGUAGE
  Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 1999, 19, 174-192.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Talk about money. Studying the interaction between social worker and client
  International Journal of Social Welfare, 1999, 8, 143-154.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Lev Vygotskij - den nödvändige klassikern
  Nordisk Psykologi: teori, forskning, praksis, 1998, 50, 236-238.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Suffering, Hope and Diagnosis: On the Negotiation of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  Health, 1998, 2, 175-193.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Care utilization and the incidence of suicide. Suicide victims' contacts with primary health care and psychiatry in six psychiatric districts in the County of Stockholm from 1979 to 1990hy
  Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 1997, 93, 442-446.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Illness and narrative
  Sociology, 1997, 19, 48-69.


Corinne Squire, Mark Davis, Cigdem Esin, Molly Andrews, Barbara Harrison, Lars-Christer Hydén and Margareta Hydén
  What is Narrative Research?
    Bloomsbury Academic, 2014.

Margareta Hydén and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Samtal om den nya familjen och det eviga föräldraskapet
    Natur och kultur, 2002.


Marianne Abramsson, Lars-Christer Hyden and Andreas Motel-Klingebiel
  Vem är den äldre? Äldrebilder i ett åldrande Sverige.
  Regeringskansliet Kommitteservice, 2017.

Ingrid Hellström and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att leva med demens
  Gleerups Utbildning AB, 2016.

Lars-Christer Hydén, Hilde Lindemann and Jens Brockmeier
  Beyond loss: dementia, identity, personhood
  Oxford University Press, 2014.

Matty Hyvärinen, Mari Hatavara and Lars-Christer Hydén
  The Travelling Concepts of Narrative
  John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2013.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Jens Brockmeier
  Health, Culture and Illness: Broken Narratives
  Routledge, 2008.

Sonja Olin Lauritzen and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Medical Technologies and the Life World: The Social Construction of Normality
  Critical studies in health and society, , Routledge, 2007.

Eva Jeppsson-Grassman and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Kropp, livslopp och åldrande. Några samhällsvetenskapliga perspektiv
  Studentlitteratur, 2005.

Peter Brusén and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Ett liv som andra: Livsvillkor för personer med funktionshinder
  Studentlitteratur, 2000.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Margareta Hydén
  Att studera berättelser. Samhällsvetenskapliga och medicinska perspektiv
  Liber, 1997.

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Chapters in Books

Lars-Christer Hydén and Mattias Forsblad
  Collaborative Remembering in Dementia: A Focus on Joint Activities
  Collaborative Remembering: Theories, Research, and Applications, Oxford University Press, 2017, 436-455.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att leva med demenssjukdom
  Att leva med demens, Gleerups Utbildning AB, 2016, 17-39.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  How to do things with others: joint activities involving persons with Alzheimer's disease
  Beyond loss: dementia, identity, personhood, Oxford University Press, 2014, 137-154.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Bodies, embodiment and stories
  Doing Narrative Research, Sage Publications, 2013, 126-141.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Towards an Embodied Theory of Narrative and Storytelling
  The Travelling Concept of Narrative, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2013, 227-244.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Ansikten i möte
  Människans ansikten: Känslor, karaktärer och karikatyrer, Carlsson Bokförlag, 2012, 107-123.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Bakom ansiktet
  Diagnos & identitet, Gothia Förlag AB, 2011, 184-205.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Identity, Self, Narrative
  Beyond Narrative Coherence, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2010, 33-48.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Linda Örulv
  Interaction and narrative structure in dementia
  Telling Stories: Language, Narrative, and Social Life, Georgetown University Press, 2010, 149-160.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att analysera berättelser i forskningsintervjuer
  Narrativa metoder i socialt arbete, Studentlitteratur, 2008, 111-132.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Forskningsmetodik för socialvetare, Natur och Kultur, 2008, 89-104.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Broken and Vicarious Voices in Narratives
  Health, Culture and Illness: Broken Narratives, Routledge, 2008, 36-53.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Introduction: The Field of Illness Narratives
  Health, Culture and Illness: Broken Narratives, Routledge, 2008, 196.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Illness narratives
  Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology: Vol. I, A-B, Blackwell, 2007, 2246-2248.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Antje Lumma
  Learning to talk and talking about talk: professional identity and communicative technology
  Medical Technologies and the Life World: The Social Construction of Normality, Routledge, 2007, 18-39.

Sonja Olin Lauritzen and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Medical technologies, the life world and normality
  Medical Technologies and the Life World: The Social Construction of Normality, Routledge, 2007, -189.

Bengt Sandin, Lars-Christer Hydén and Judith Lind
  Normalitetens förhandling och förvandling.: En antologi om barn, skola och föräldraskap, Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion, 2006, -279.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Kampen om berättelserna
  Det vanställda ordet: om den svåra konsten att värna sin integritet, Carlsson, 2006, 286-305.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Mademoiselle d'Aubrions näsa. En essä om normalitetens olikheter
  Normalitetens förhandling och förvandling. En antologi om barn, skola och föräldraskap, Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion, 2006, 257-278.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Berättelser och mot-berättelser om psykiskt lidande
  Från psykiskt sjuk till psykiskt funktionshindrad, Studentlitteratur, 2005, 217-226.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Från psykiskt sjuk till psykiskt funktionshindrad, Studentlitteratur, 2005, -229.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Kroppens berättelser
  Kropp, livslopp och åldrande: Några samhällsvetenskapliga perspektiv, Studentlitteratur, 2005, 147-166.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Medicine and narrative
  Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory, Routledge, 2005, 345-345.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Pain and Communicative creativity
  Narrative, Pain, and Suffering, IASP Press, 2005, 263-267.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Sjukdomarna, lidandet och kommunikationen
  När människan möter medicinen.: Livsvärldens och berättelsens betydelse för förståelsen av sjukdom och medicinsk teknologi, Carlssons, 2004, 91-111.

Lars-Christer Hydén and Anna Kullberg
  Vägar, val och överväganden
  Perspektiv på komplementär medicin: medicinsk pluralism i mångvetenskaplig belysning, Studentlitteratur, 2004, 117-132.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att känna igen sig själv i den moderna världen
  På väg mot en kommunikativ demokrati? :: sexton humanister om makten, medierna och medborgarkompetensen, Carlssons, 2003, 331-354.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Goffmans ansikte
  Jagen och rösterna: Goffman, Viveka och samtalet, Tema Kommunikation, Linköpings universitet, 2002, 49-61.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att bemöta och bemötas
  Utan fast punkt. Om förvaltning, kunskap, språk och etik i socialt arbete, Socialstyrelsen, 2001, 48-63.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Who!? Identity in Institutional Contexts
  Who Identity in Institutional Contexts, Ashgate, 2001, 213-240.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att leva ett eget liv: normalisering i den nya psykiatrin
  Ett liv som andra : livsvillkor för personer med funktionshinder, Studentlitteratur, 2000, 157-181.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att samtala om socialbidrag
  Socialbidrag i forskning och praktik, GothiaCentrum för utvärdering av socialt arbete, 2000, 224-243.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Ett liv som andra : livsvillkor för personer med funktionshinder, Studentlitteratur, 2000, 11-27.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Intersubjektivitetens elementära former: Erkännandets fragilitet
  Creative Crossroads - Electronic Honorary Publication Dedicated to Yvonne Wærn on Her Retirement, Tema Kommunikation, Linköpings universitet, 2000, .

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Från rösthörarnas värld : brev med berättelser, Riksförbundet för social och mental hälsa, 2000, .

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Body and Soul. Psyche and Soma as Cultural and Narrative Resources
  Identities in Pain, Nordic Academic Press, 1998, 29-53.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Den "nya" psykiatrin - från sjukdom till handikapp
  Nya kulturer i psykiatrin, Studentlitteratur, 1998, 15-30.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Hemmet mitt emellan
  Hemmet i vården - vården i hemmet, Liber, 1997, 65-82.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  The Institutional Narrative as Drama
  The Construction of Professional Discourse, Longman, 1997, 245-264.

Ph.D. Theses

Elin Nilsson
  Facing dementia as a we: Investigating couples’ challenges and communicative strategies for managing dementia

  Fulltext PDF

Johannes H Österholm
  Assessment meetings between care managers and persons living with dementia: Citizenship as practice

  Fulltext PDF

Jonas Nordh
  Social citizenship and people with dementia: Designing social care policies in Sweden

  Fulltext PDF

Pier Jaarsma
  Reflections on Autism: Ethical Perspectives on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Health Care and Education

  Fulltext PDF

Antje Lumma-Sellenthin
  Learning professional skills and attitudes: Medical students' attitudes towards communication skills andgroup learning

  Fulltext PDF

Haris Agic
  Hope Rites: An Ethnographic Study of Mechanical Help-Heart Implantation Treatment

  Fulltext PDF

Anders Hallqvist
  Work Transitions as Biographical Learning: Exploring the Dynamics of Job Loss

  Fulltext PDF

Arvid Karsvall
  Intercreativity in Surgical Practice: A Dialogical Approach to Interaction & Technology

  Fulltext PDF

Eleonor Antelius
  Different Voices - Different Stories: Communication, identity and meaning among people with acquired brain damage

  Fulltext PDF

Linda Örulv
  Fragile identities, patched-up worlds: Dementia and meaning-making in social interaction

  Fulltext PDF

Kristina Hellberg
  Elever på ett anpassat individuellt gymnasieprogram: skolvardag och vändpunkter

  Fulltext PDF

Kristina Karlsson
  Funktionshinder, samtal och självbestämmande: En studie av brukarcentrerade möten

  Fulltext PDF

Pia Bülow
  Making sense of contested illness: Talk and narratives about chronic fatigue.

Michael Peolsson
  Smärtans mosaik: kommunikation och lärande om långvarig smärta


Lars-Christer Hydén
  Samtal, hälsa, kultur. Några utgångspunkter för ett forskningsprogram
  Arbetsrapport från Tema K, 4, 2000.

Lars-Christer Hydén
  Undran inför den andre
  Arbetsrapport från Tema K, 9, 2000.

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