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Ksenia Onufrey and Anna Bergek
  Self-reinforcing Mechanisms in a Multi-technology Industry: Understanding Sustained Technological Variety in a Context of Path Dependency
  Industry and Innovation, 2015, 22(6), 523-551.

Anna Bergek and Ksenia Onufrey
  Is one path enough? Multiple paths and path interaction as an extension of path dependency theory
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  Industrial and Corporate Change, 2014, 23(5), 1261-1297.
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Conference Articles

Ksenia Onufrey and Anna Bergek
  Self-reinforcing mechanisms and multi-path dynamics: insights from applying the Technological Innovation Systems (TIS) perspective
  R&D Management Conference (RADMA 2013), 26-28 June 2013, Manchester, UK, 2013.

Anna Bergek and Ksenia Onufrey
  Path dependency in industries with multiple technological trajectories
  The 2012 International Schumpeter Society Conference, 2-5 July, Brisbane, Australia, 2012.

Licentiate Theses

Ksenia Onufrey
  Technology Dynamics in Multi-Technology Industries: Selection and Variety Creation through the Lens of Path Dependency and Path Generation

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