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Conference Articles

Karin Bäckman, Per Carlsson and Katrin Lindroth
  Transparent priority setting in Sweden - Reactions in the press
  The 6th International Conference on Priorities in Health Care,2006, 2006.


Lars Sandman, Niklas Ekerstad and Kartrin Lindroth
  Triage som prioriteringsinstrument på akutmottagning: en etisk analys av RETTS
  Rapport / Prioriteringscentrum, 2012:2, 2012.

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Katrin Lindroth
  Resolving health care's difficult choices: survey of priority setting in Sweden and an analysis of principles and guidelines on priorities in health care
  Rapport / Prioriteringscentrum, 2008:2, 2008.

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Karin Bäckman, Katrin Lindroth and Per Carlsson
  Öppna prioriteringar i Östergötland: del II. Massmediernas rapportering av beslutsprocessen
  Rapport / Prioriteringscentrum, 2005:7, 2005.

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