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Journal Articles

Lisa Hjelmfors, Anna Strömberg, Katarina Karlsson, Louise Olsson and Tiny Jaarsma
  Simulation to Teach Nursing Students About End-of-Life Care
  Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 2016, 18(6), 512-518.

S.H. Walsh, P. Grabowski, M. Berglund, U. Thunberg, M. Thorselius, G. Tobin, A. Aleskog, Katarina Karlsson, C. Sundstrom, A. Laurell, G. Enblad, R. Rosenquist and G. Roos
  Telomere length and correlation with histopathogenesis in B-cell leukemias/lymphomas
  European Journal of Haematology, 2007, 78(4), 283-289.
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N. Wilking, E. Lidbrink, T. Wiklund, B. Erikstein, H. Lindman, P. Malmstrom, P. Kellokumpu-Lehtinen, N.-O. Bengtsson, G. Söderlund, G. Anker, E. Wist, S. Ottosson, E. Salminen, P. Ljungman, H. Holte, J. Nilsson, C. Blomqvist, J. Bergh, M. Hoglund, M. Bengtsson, A. Gruber, T. Fornander, D. Petterson-Skold, E. Lofvenberg, K. Villman, Katarina Karlsson, R. Hultborn, S. Ottoson, J. Mattson, S. Jansson, I. Braide, G. Carlsson, S. Rodjer, B. Sallerfors, J. Ahlgren, A. Gawelin, M. Solderberg, J. Hansen, B. Stenstam, J.-H. Svensson, B. Norberg, G. Kvalheim, H.H. Sommer, J.M. Tangen, S. Lundgren, K. Remes, M. Lehtinen, E. Koivinen, T. Turpeenniemi-Hujanen, O. Kuittinen, L. Voutilainen, M.R. Mirza and C. Rose
  Long-term follow-up of the SBG 9401 study comparing tailored FEC-based therapy versus marrow-supported high-dose therapy
  Annals of Oncology, 2007, 18(4), 694-700.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 19

Conference Articles

Johanna Dahlberg, Katarina Karlsson and Staffan Pelling
  Interprofessional undergraduate student teams performe quality improvement work in clinical settings
  All Together Better Health, 10-14 April, 2010, Sydney, Australia, 2010.

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