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Journal Articles

Sofia Ramström, Karin Vretenbrant-Öberg, Finn Åkerström, Camilla Enström and Tomas Lindahl
  Platelet PAR1 receptor density-Correlation to platelet activation response and changes in exposure after platelet activation
  Thrombosis Research, 2008, 121(5), 681-688.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 15

Magnus Grenegård, Karin Vretenbrant-Öberg, Martina Nylander, Stéphanie Désilets, Eva G Lindström, Anders Larsson, Ida Ramström, Sofia Ramström and Tomas L Lindahl
  The ATP-gated P2X1 receptor plays a pivotal role in activation of aspirin-treated platelets by thrombin and epinephrine
  Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2008, 283(27), 18493-18504.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 26

Karin Vretenbrant, Sofia Ramström, Maria Bjerke and Tomas Lindahl
  Platelet activation via PAR4 is involved in the initiation of thrombin generation and in clot elasticity development
  Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 2007, 97(3), 417-424.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 21

Henrik Green, Karin Vretenbrant (Öberg), Björn Norlander and Curt Peterson
  Measurement of paclitaxel and its metabolites in human plasma using liquid chromatography/ion trap mass spectrometry with a sonic spray ionization interface
  Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2006, 20(14), 2183-2189.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 25

Conference Articles

Henrik Gréen, Karin Vretenbrandt, Björn Norlander and Curt Peterson
  Measurement of Paclitaxel and its metabolites in Human Plasma Using a Liquid Chromatography - Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer with a SSI interface
  Mass Spectrometry of Small Molecular Drugs, 2008.

Ph.D. Theses

Karin Vretenbrant Öberg
  The role of platelet thrombin receptors PAR1 and PAR4 in platelet activation

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