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Journal Articles

Edward Sweeney, Pietro Evangelista, Maria Huge-Brodin and Karin Isaksson
  The Role of Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) in the Adoption of Green Supply Chain Initiatives
  The European Financial Review, 2013, (July/August), 32-34.

Karin Isaksson and Maria Huge-Brodin
  Understanding efficiencies behind logistics service providers' green offerings
  Management Research Review, 2013, 36(3), 216-238.

Pietro Evangelista, Maria Huge-Brodin, Karin Isaksson and Edward Sweeney
  Purchasing green transport and logistics services: implications for small business
  Piccola Impresa / Small Business, 2012, (2), 43-61.

Chapters in Books

Pietro Evangelista, Maria Huge-Brodin, Karin Isaksson and Edward Sweeney
  Purchasing Green Transport and Logistics Services: Implications from the Environmental Sustainability Attitude of 3PLs
  Outsourcing Management for Supply Chain Operations and Logistics Services, IGI Global, 2013, 449-465.

Conference Articles

Karin Isaksson, Maria Huge-Brodin, Heikki Liimatainen and Pietro Evangelista
  Who is responsible when it finally happens?: - Functional involvement in adopting green initiatives among logistics service providers
  Go for Gold - Winning the Supply Chain Triathlon:: Creating Social, Economic and Environmental Value, 2012.

Pietro Evangelista, Maria Huge-Brodin, Karin Isaksson and Edward Sweeney
  A case study investigation on purchasing green transport and logistics services
  Purchasing & Supply Management in a Changing World: IPSERA 2012 Conference Proceedings, 2012.

Karin Isaksson, Maria Björklund, Pietro Evangelista and Maria Huge-Brodin
  The Challenge andAdoption of Green Initiatives for Transport and Logistics Service Providers
  Proceedings of the 16<sup>th</sup> Annual Logistics Research Network Conference: Smarter Logistics: Innovation for Efficiency, Performance and Austerity, 2011.

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Karin Isaksson and Uni Martinsen
  Environmental value co-creation between logistics service providers and customers: from a logistics service provider’s perspective
  The 23rd Annual NOFOMA Conference 9-10 June, Harstad, Norway: Logistics &amp; Supply Chain Management in a High North Perspective, 2011.

Karin Isaksson and Maria Huge-Brodin
  Driving forces and barriers when pricing the environmental service offering - a cross case study of logistics companies
  LRN 2010 Book of proceedings, 2010.

Karin Isaksson and Maria Björklund
  Developing sustainable logistics services
  Proceedings of the 22nd Annual NOFOMA Conference : Logistics and Supply Chain Management in a Globalised Economy, 2010.

Licentiate Theses

Karin Isaksson
  Logistics Service Providers going green: insights from the Swedish market

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