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Junaid Muhammad, Daniel Lundin, Justinas Palisaitis, Ching-Lien Hsiao, Vanya Darakchieva, Jens Jensen, Per Persson, Per Sandström, W-J Lai, L-C Chen, K-H Chen, Ulf Helmersson, Lars Hultman and Jens Birch
  Two-domain formation during the epitaxial growth of GaN (0001) on c-plane Al2O3 (0001) by high power impulse magnetron sputtering
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2011, 110(12), 123519.
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Ching-Lien Hsiao, Justinas Palisaitis, Junaid Muhammad, Ruei-San Chen, Per Persson, Per Sandström, Per-Olof Holtz, Lars Hultman and Jens Birch
  Spontaneous Formation of AlInN Core–Shell Nanorod Arrays by Ultrahigh-Vacuum Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy
  Applied Physics Express, 2011, 4(115002), .
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Muhammad Junaid, Ching-Lien Hsiao, Justinas Palisaitis, Jens Jensen, Per Persson, Lars Hultman and Jens Birch
  Electronic-grade GaN(0001)/Al2O3(0001) grown by reactive DC-magnetron sputter epitaxy using a liquid Ga target
  Applied Physics Letters, 2011, 98(14), 141915.
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Ph.D. Theses

Muhammad Junaid
  Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy of GaN Epilayers and Nanorods

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Licentiate Theses

Muhammad Junaid
  Magnetron Sputter Epitaxy of GaN

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