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Julien Keraudy, Axel Ferrec, Mireille Richard-Plouet, Jonathan Hamon, Antoine Goullet and Pierre-Yves Jouan
  Nitrogen doping on NiO by reactive magnetron sputtering: A new pathway to dynamically tune the optical and electrical properties
  Applied Surface Science, 2017, 409, 77-84.

Julien Keraudy, Brice Delfour-Peyrethon, Axel Ferrec, Javier Garcia Molleja, Mireille Richard-Plouet, Christophe Payen, Jonathan Hamon, Benoit Corraze, Antoine Goullet and Pierre-Yves Jouan
  Process- and optoelectronic-control of NiOx thin films deposited by reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2017, 121(17), .
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Aylin Atakan, Peter Mäkie, Fredrik Söderlind, Julien Keraudy, Emma Björk and Magnus Odén
  Synthesis of a Cu-infiltrated Zr-doped SBA-15 catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation into methanol and dimethyl ethert
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2017, 19(29), 19139-19149.

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