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Journal Articles

Jostein Langstrand and Erik Drotz
  The rhetoric and reality of Lean: A multiple case study
  Total quality management and business excellence (Online), 2016, 27(3-4), 398-412.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Jostein Langstrand, Peter Cronemyr and Bozena Poksinska
  Practise what you preach: quality of education in education on quality
  Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 2015, 26(11-12), 1202-1212.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Bjarne Bergquist, Rickard Garvare, Henrik Eriksson, Jacob Hallencreutz, Jostein Langstrand, Erik Vanhatalo and Thomas Zobel
  Alive and kicking – but will quality management be around tomorrow?: A Swedish academia perspective
  Quality Innovation Prosperity, 2012, 16(2), 1-18.

Paschal Ugochukwu, Jon Engström and Jostein Langstrand
  Lean in the supply chain: A literature review
  Management and Production Engineering Review, 2012, 3(4), 87-96.

Jostein Langstrand and Mattias Elg
  Non-human resistance in changes towards lean
  Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2012, 25(6), 853-866.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Mikael Brännmark, Jostein Langstrand, Stina Johansson, Agneta Halvarsson, Lena Abrahamsson and Jörgen Winkel
  Researching Lean: Methodological implications of loose definitions
  Quality Innovation Prosperity, 2012, 16(2), 35-48.

Jens Jörn Dahlgaard, Jostein Pettersen and Su Mi Dahlgaard-Park
  Quality and lean health care: a system for assessing and improving the health of healthcare organisations
  Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, 2011, 22(6), 673-689.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 80

Bozena Poksinska, Jostein Pettersen, Mattias Elg, Jörgen Eklund and Lars Witell
  Quality Improvement activities in Swedish industry: drivers, approaches and outcomes
  International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 2010, 2(2), 206-216.

Jostein Pettersen
  Defining lean production: some conceptual and practical issues
  The TQM Journal, 2009, 21(2), 127-142.

Conference Articles

Jostein Langstrand, Peter Cronemyr and Bozena Poksinska
  Practice what you preach: Quality of education in education on quality
  <em></em>, 2012.

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Jostein Langstrand, Peter Cronemyr and Bozena Poksinska
  Practise what you preach: Quality of education in education on quality
  15th QMOD conference on Quality and Service Sciences ICQSS 2012, September 5-7, Poznan, Poland, 2012.

Jostein Pettersen
  Quality Management in Swedish Industry: Concepts, Practices and Knowledge Base
  The 12th international QMOD conference, 2009.

Maeve Fitzpatrick, Oriol Camps and Jostein Pettersen
  Quality Training in Europe: Current Situation, Future Challenges and e-Learning Opportunities
  International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences: 12<sup>th</sup> QMOD and Toulon-Verona Conference, 2009.

Jostein Pettersen
  Defining Lean Production: Some conceptual and practical issues
  11th QMOD Conference: Quality Management and Organizational Development Attaining Sustainability From Organizational Excellence to SustainAble Excellence, 2008.

Maeve Fitzpatrick, Eamonn Murphy and Jostein Pettersen
  Equipping the future quality practitioner given expert characteristics and future manufacturing and e learning developments
  The 11th International QMOD Conference, 2008.

Jostein Pettersen
  Implementing Lean Production: Lost in Translation?
  40th Annual Conference on the Nordic Ergonomics Society, Reykjavik, 2008.

Jörgen Eklund, Jostein Pettersen, Mattias Elg and Andreas Bolling
  Interactive research for production and work development
  The 40th Nordic Ergonomics Society Annual Conference: Ergonomics is a lifestyle, 2008.

Jostein Pettersen
  The implementation of lean: Lost in translation?
  40th Annual Conference on the Nordic Ergonomics Society,2008, 2008.

Ph.D. Theses

Jostein Langstrand
  Exploring organizational translation: A case study of changes toward Lean Production

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Licentiate Theses

Jostein Pettersen
  Translating Lean Production: From Managerial Discourse to Organizational Practice

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Jostein Langstrand and Rebecca Eklund Teivik
  Kvalitet i upphandling: En studie vid tekniska kontoret i Norrköpings kommun

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Jostein Langstrand and Daniel Lundqvist
  Att leda förändring: från förhandling till realisering
  HELIX working papers, 2015:2, 2015.

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Jostein Pettersen
  Lean Production. Universallösning eller modefluga?: En kritisk granskning av Lean-konceptets innehåll och retorik
  HELIX working papers, 08/6, 2008.

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