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Journal Articles

Alexander Bock, Åsa Svensson, Alexander Kleiner, Jonas Lundberg and Timo Ropinski
  A Visualization-Based Analysis System for Urban Search & Rescue Mission Planning Support
  Computer graphics forum (Print), 2017, 36(6), 148-159.
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Björn Johansson and Jonas Lundberg
  Resilience and the temporal dimension: the chimera of timely response
  Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 2017, 18(2), 110-127.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Jonas Lundberg
  Situation Awareness Systems, States and Processes: A holistic framework
  Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 2015, 16(5), 447-473.

Jonas Lundberg and Björn JE Johansson
  Systemic resilience model
  Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 2015, 141, 22-32.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Jonas Lundberg, Eva Törnqvist and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
  Establishing conversation spaces in hastily formed networks: the worst fire in modern Swedish history
  Disasters. The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management, 2014, 38(4), 790-807.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Jonas Lundberg and Amy Rankin
  Resilience and vulnerability of small flexible crisis response teams: implications for training and preparation
  Cognition, Technology & Work, 2014, 16(2), 143-155.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Amy Rankin, Jonas Lundberg, Rogier Woltjer, Carl Rollenhagen and Erik Hollnagel
  Resilience in Everyday Operations: A Framework for Analysing Adaptations in High Risk Work
  Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 2014, 8(1), 78-97.
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Amy Rankin, Nils Dahlbäck and Jonas Lundberg
  A case study of factor influencing role improvisation in crisis response teams
  Cognition, Technology & Work, 2013, 15(1), 79-93.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Jonas Lundberg, Eva Törnqvist and Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
  Resilience in Sensemaking and Control of Emergency Response
  International Journal of Emergency Management, 2012, 8(2), 99-122.
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Jonas Lundberg, Carl Rollenhagen, Erik Hollnagel and Amy Rankin
  Strategies for dealing with resistance to recommendations from accident investigations
  Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2012, 45, 455-467.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 12

Natascha Korolija and Jonas Lundberg
  Speaking of human factors: Emergent meanings in interviews with professional accident investigators
  Safety Science, 2010, 48(2), 157-165.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Carl Rollenhagen, Joakim Westerlund, Jonas Lundberg and Erik Hollnagel
  The context and habits of accident investigation practices: A study of 108 Swedish investigators
  SAFETY SCIENCE, 2010, 48(7), 859-867.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

Jonas Lundberg, Carl Rollenhagen and Erik Hollnagel
  What you find is not always what you fix-How other aspects than causes of accidents decide recommendations for remedial actions
  Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2010, 42(6), 2132-2139.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 27

Jiri Trnka, Jonas Lundberg and Erland Jungert
  A Model-Based Simulation Approach to Study Role Improvisation of a Command Staff
  IEEE transactions on systems, man and cybernetics. Part A. Systems and humans, 2009, , .

Jonas Lundberg, C. Rollenhagen and Erik Hollnagel
  What-You-Look-For-Is-What-You-Find - The consequences of underlying accident models in eight accident investigation manuals
  Safety Science, 2009, 47(10), 1297-1311.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 113

Lars Hult, Magnus Irestig and Jonas Lundberg
  Design perspectives
  Human-Computer Interaction, 2006, 21(1), .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

David Dinka and Jonas Lundberg
  Identity and role-A qualitative case study of cooperative scenario building
  International journal of human-computer studies, 2006, 64(10), 1049-1060.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7


Rogier Woltjer, Björn Johansson and Jonas Lundberg
  Proceedings of the Resilience Engineering Workshop, 25-27 June, 2007, Vadstena, Sweden
  Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, 23, Linköping University Electronic Press, 2007.

Chapters in Books

Amy Rankin, Jonas Lundberg and Rogier Woltjer
  A framework for learning from adaptive performance
  Resilience engineering in practice. Vol. 2: Becoming resilient, Ashgate, 2014, 79-95.

Björn Johansson and Jonas Lundberg
  Engineering safe aviation systems: balancing resilience and stability
  Handbook of Aviation human Factors, CRC Press, 2009, 6-1-6-8.

Conference Articles

Jonas Lundberg, Magnus Nylin and Billy Josefsson
  Challenges for Research and Innovation in Design of Digital ATM Controller Environments An episode analysis of six simulated traffic situations at Arlanda airport

Danwei Tran Luciani and Jonas Lundberg
  Enabling Designers to Sketch Immersive Fulldome Presentations
  Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2016.

Niklas Rönnberg, Jonas Lundberg and Jonas Löwgren
  Proceedings of ISon 2016, 5th Interactive Sonification Workshop, CITEC, Bielefeld University, Germany, December 16, 2016, 2016.

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Tobias Andersson Granberg, Jonas Lundberg, Anna Ulander and Granlund Rego
  Supporting dispatch decisions for the fire and rescue services
  2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2015.

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Alexander Bock, A. Kleiner, Jonas Lundberg and Timo Ropinski
  An interactive visualization system for urban search & rescue mission planning
  12th IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics, SSRR 2014 - Symposium Proceedings, 2014.

Åsa Svensson, Jonas Lundberg and Billy Josefsson
  Efficiency and Safety of Air Traffic Management Tool Usage: A case study on how a controller uses tools to detect and solve conflicts during regular ATM simulator training
  Sesar Innovation Days, 2014.

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Alexander Bock, Alexander Kleiner, Jonas Lundberg and Timo Ropinski
  Supporting Urban Search & Rescue Mission Planning through Visualization-Based Analysis
  Proceedings of the Vision, Modeling, and Visualization Conference 2014, 2014.

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Jonas Lundberg, Jimmy Johansson, Camilla Forsell and Billy Josefsson
  The Use of Conflict Detection Tools in Air Traffic Management – an Unobtrusive Eye Tracking Field Experiment During Controller Competence Assurance
  HCI-Aero 2014 - International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Aerospace, 2014.

Jonas Lundberg, Camilla Forsell, Jimmy Johansson and Billy Josefsson
  AMPLIFY ATM TEAMWORK WITH AUTOMATION: An Eye Tracking Study of Air Traffic Management Tools on Two Large Displays During Regular ATM Simulator Training
  Sesar Innovation Days, 2013.

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Jonas Lundberg, Rego Granlund and Annevi Fredäng
  Scenario play workshops: Co-design of emergency response scenarios for information technology design in collaboration with emergency response personnel.
  Proceedings of the 9th International ISCRAM Conference, 2012.

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Jonas Lundberg and Tommie Nyström
  5th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Madrid 19th - 21st November, 2012, 2012.

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Tobias Trofast, Dag Haugum, Jonas Lundberg, Victoria Nygren, Tommie Nyström, Gary Svensson, Maria Thunborg and Tomas Törnqvist
  Utveckling av examination av examensarbeten på kandidatnivå
  3:e Utvecklingskonferensen för Sveriges ingenjörsutbildningar, 2012.

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Jonas Lundberg and Mikael Asplund
  Communication Problems in Crisis Response
  <em>Proceedings of the 8th International ISCRAM Conference</em>: <em>Lisbon, Portugal, May 2011 </em>, 2011.

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Amy Rankin, Jonas Lundberg and Rogier Woltjer
  Resilience Strategies across Industries for Managing Everyday Risks
  4th Resilience Engineering International Symposium, 8-10 June 2011, Sophia Antipolis, France, 2011.

Mattias Arvola, Jonas Lundberg and Stefan Holmlid
  Analysis of precedent designs: Competitive analysis meets genre analysis
  NordiCHI '10 Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Extending Boundaries, 2010.

Karin Lundblad, Josephine Speziali, Rogier Woltjer and Jonas Lundberg
  FRAM as a risk assessment method for nuclear fuel transportation
  International Confererence Working on Safety,2008, 2008.

Jonas Lundberg and Mattias Arvola
  Lessons Learned from Facilitation in Collaborative Design
  Proceeding AUIC '07 Proceedings of the eight Australasian conference on User interface - Volume 64, 2007.

Rogier Woltjer, Jiri Trnka, Jonas Lundberg and Björn Johansson
  Role-Playing Exercises to Strengthen the Resilience of Command and Control Systems
  ECCE '06 Proceedings of the 13th Eurpoean conference on Cognitive ergonomics: trust and control in complex socio-technical systems, 2006.

Carina Ihlström, Jonas Lundberg and Ferran Perdrix
  Audience of Local Online Newspapers in Sweden, Slovakia and Spain - a comparative study
  Proccedings of HCI International 2003, 2003.

Jonas Lundberg, Mattias Arvola and Stefan Holmlid
  Genres, Use Qualities and Interactive Artifacts
  People and Computers XVII - Proceedings of HCI 2003: Designing for Society: Volume 2, 2003.

Carina Ihlström and Jonas Lundberg
  The Online News Genre Through the User Perspective
  International Conference on Systems Science, 2003.

Carina Ihlström and Jonas Lundberg
  Local Swedish Newspapers Approaching e-Business?
  elpub 2002 proceedings, 2002.

Carina Ilhström, Jonas Lundberg and Vivian Vimarlund
  On-line newspapers in search for profitable services
  E-business and E-work Conference, 2002.

Jonas Lundberg
  Operationalising civil pilot's process of understanding instrument failure events
  Annual Congress of the Nordic Ergonomics Society, 2002.

Carina Ihlström and Jonas Lundberg
  The Audience of Swedish Local Online Newspapers: a longitudinal study
  elpub 2002, 2002.

Jonas Lundberg, Aseel Ibrahim, David Jönsson, Sinna Lindquist and Pernilla Qvarfordt
  "The snatcher catcher" - an interactive refrigerator
  Proceedings of the second Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction, 2002.

Fredrik Arvidsson, Carina Ihlström and Jonas Lundberg
  Visions of Future News - Consensus or Conflict?
  Information Systems Research Seminar in Scandinavia, 2002.

A. Ibrahim (Berglund), Jonas Lundberg and J. Johansson
  Speech Enhanced Remote Control for Media Terminal
  Proceedings of Eurospeech’01, Aalborg, Denmark, 2001.

Ph.D. Theses

Marcus Mast
  Human-Robot Interaction for Semi-Autonomous Assistive Robots: Empirical Studies and an Interaction Concept for Supporting Elderly People at Home

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Jonas Lundberg
  Shaping electronic news: A case study of genre perspectives on interaction design

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Tobias Andersson Granberg, Rego Granlund, Jonas Lindborg and Anna Ulander
  Dynamisk planering av räddningstjänst

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