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Journal Articles

Jonas Lauridsen, Per Eklund, Jens Jensen, A. Furlan, A. Flink, A. M. Andersson, U. Jansson and Lars Hultman
  Effects of A-elements (A = Si, Ge or Sn) on the structure and electrical contact properties of Ti-A-C-Ag nanocomposites
  Thin Solid Films, 2012, 520(16), 5128-5136.
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Jonas Lauridsen, N Nedfors, U Jansson, Jens Jensen, Per Eklund and Lars Hultman
  Ti-B-C nanocomposite coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering
  Applied Surface Science, 2012, 258(24), 9907-9912.
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Niklas Gunnarsson Sarius, Jonas Lauridsen, E. Lewin, Jun Lu, Hans Högberg, Å. Öberg, H. Ljungcrantz, P. Leisner, Per Eklund and Lars Hultman
  Ni and Ti diffusion barrier layers between Ti-Si-C-Ag nanocomposite coatings and Cu-based substrates
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2012, 206(8-9), 2558-2565.
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Niklas Gunnarsson Sarius, Jonas Lauridsen, E. Lewin, U. Jansson, Hans Högberg, Å. Öberg, P. Leisner, Per Eklund and Lars Hultman
  Contact resistance of Ti-Si-C-Ag and Ti-Si-C-Ag-Pd nanocomposite coatings
  Journal of Electronic Materials, 2012, 41(3), 560-567.
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Jonas Lauridsen, Per Eklund, Jun Lu, A Knutsson, Magnus Odén, R Mannerbro, A M Andersson and Lars Hultman
  Microstructural and Chemical Analysis of AgI Coatings Used as a Solid Lubricant in Electrical Sliding Contacts
  Tribology letters, 2012, 46(2), 187-193.
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Jonas Lauridsen, Per Eklund, T. Joelsson, H. Ljungcrantz, Å. Öberg, E. Lewin, U. Jansson, Manfred Beckers, Hans Högberg and Lars Hultman
  High-rate deposition of amorphous and nanocomposite Ti-Si-C multifunctional coatings
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2010, 205(2), 299-305.
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Manfred Beckers, Fredrik Eriksson, Jonas Lauridsen, C. Baehtz, Jens Jensen and Lars Hultman
  Formation of basal plane fiber-textured Ti2AlN films on amorphous substrates
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Jonas Lauridsen, Per Eklund, Jens Jensen, H Ljungcrantz, A Oberg, E Lewin, U Jansson, A Flink, H Hogberg and Lars Hultman
  Microstructure evolution of Ti-Si-C-Ag nanocomposite coatings deposited by DC magnetron sputtering
  Acta Materialia, 2010, 58(20), 6592-6599.
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Conference Articles

Jonas Lauridsen, Jun Lu, Per Eklund, Lars Hultman, Åke Öberg, Mats Lindgren, Lars Fast, Erik Lewin and Ulf Jansson
  Deposition of Ti-Si-C-Ag nanocomposite coatings as electrical contact material
  Proceedings of the 56th IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts (HOLM), 2010.

Ph.D. Theses

Jonas Lauridsen
  TiC-based nanocomposite coatings as electrical contacts

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