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Carlos-Andres Palma, Katharina Diller, Reinhard Berger, Alexander Welle, Jonas Björk, Jose Luis Cabellos Cabellos, Duncan John Mowbray, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, Natalia P. Ivleva, Sonja Matich, Emanuela Margapoti, Reinhard Niesser, Bernhard Menges, Joachim Reichert, Xinliang Feng, Hans Joachim Räder, Florian Klappenberger, Angel Rubio, Klaus Müllen and Johannes V. Barth
  Photo-induced C-C reactions on insulators towards photolithography of graphene nanoarchitectures
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  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136, 4651-4658.

Jonas Björk, Yi-Qi Zhang, Florian Klappenberger, Johannes V. Barth and Sven Stafström
  Unraveling the Mechanism of the Covalent Coupling Between Terminal Alkynes on a Noble Metal
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2014, 118(6), 3181-3187.
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Paulo V. C. Medeiros, Sven Stafström and Jonas Björk
  Effects of extrinsic and intrinsic perturbations on the electronic structure of graphene: Retaining an effective primitive cell band structure by band unfolding
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  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2014, 89(4), 041407-1-041407-4.
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Jonas Björk and Felix Hanke
  Towards Design Rules for Covalent Nanostructures on Metal Surfaces
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  Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014, 20(4), 928-934.
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Borja Cirera Salinas, Yi-Qi Zhang, Jonas Björk, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Zhi Chen, Mario Ruben, Johannes V. Barth and Florian Klappenberger
  Synthesis of Extended Graphdiyne Wires by Vicinal Surface Templating
  Nano letters (Print), 2014, 14(4), 1891-1897.
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Aneliia Shchyrba, Christian Waeckerlin, Jan Nowakowski, Sylwia Nowakowska, Jonas Björk, Shadi Fatayer, Jan Girovsky, Thomas Nijs, Susanne C. Martens, Armin Kleibert, Meike Stoehr, Nirmalya Ballav, Thomas A. Jung and Lutz H. Gade
  Controlling the Dimensionality of On-Surface Coordination Polymers via Endo- or Exoligation
  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014, 136(26), 9355-9363.

Manfred Matena, Jonas Björk, Markus Wahl, Tien-Lin Lee, Jörg Zegenhagen, Lutz H. Gade, Thomas A. Jung, Mats Persson and Meike Stöhr
  On-surface synthesis of a two-dimensional porous coordination network: Unraveling adsorbate interactions
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2014, 90, 125408-125415.

Carlos-Andres Palma, Jonas Björk, Francesco Rao, Dirk Kühne, Florian Klappenberger and Johannes V. Barth
  Topological Dynamics in Supramolecular Rotors
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  Nano letters (Print), 2014, 14(8), 4461-4468.

Jonas Björk and Sven Stafström
  Adsorption of large hydrocarbons on coinage metals: a van der Waals density functional study
  ChemPhysChem, 2014, 15, 2851-2858.

Felix Hanke and Jonas Björk
  Structure and local reactivity of the Au(111) surface reconstruction
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2013, 87(23), .
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Jonas Björk, Felix Hanke and Sven Stafström
  Mechanisms of halogen-based covalent self-assembly on metal surfaces
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  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013, 135(15), 5768-5775.
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Nenad Kepčija, Yi-Qi Zhang, Martin Kleinschrodt, Jonas Björk, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Florian Klappenberger, Mario Ruben and Johannes V. Barth
  Steering On-Surface Self-Assembly of High-Quality Hydrocarbon Networks with Terminal Alkynes
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2013, 117(8), 3987-3995.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Yi-Qi Zhang, Nenad Kepčija, Martin Kleinschrodt, Katharina Diller, Sybille Fischer, Anthoula C. Papageorgiou, Francesco Allegretti, Jonas Björk, Svetlana Klyatskaya, Florian Klappenberger, Mario Ruben and Johannes V. Barth
  Homo-coupling of terminal alkynes on a noble metal surface
  Nature Communications, 2012, 3, .
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Felix Hanke, Matthew S. Dyer, Jonas Björk and Mats Persson
  Structure and stability of weakly chemisorbed ethene adsorbed on low-index Cu surfaces: performance of density functionals with van der Waals interactions
  Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 2012, 42, 424217-424225.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Zsolt Szekrényes, Katalin Kamarás, György Tarczay, Anna Llanes-Pallás, Tomas Marangoni, Maurizio Prato, Davide Bonifazi, Jonas Björk, Felix Hanke and Mats Persson
  Melting of Hydrogen Bonds in Uracil Derivatives Probed by Infrared Spectroscopy and ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012, 116(15), 4626-4633.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Maija Honkela, Jonas Björk and Mats Persson
  Computational study of the adsorption and dissociation of phenol on Pt and Rh surfaces
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2012, 14(16), 5849-5854.
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Jonas Björk, Sven Stafström and Felix Hanke
  Zipping Up: Cooperativity Drives the Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons
  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011, 133(38), 14884-14887.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 25

Manfred Matena, Meike Stöhr, Till Riehm, Jonas Björk, Susanne Martens, Matthew S. Dyer, Mats Persson, Jorge Lobo-Checa, Kathrin Müller, Mihaela Enache, Hubert Wadepohl, Jörg Zegenhagen, Thomas A. Jung and Lutz H. Gade
  Aggregation and contingent metal/surface reactivity of 1,3,8,10-tetraazaperopyrene (TAPP) on Cu(111)
  Chemistry - A European Journal, 2010, 16(7), 2079-2091.

Jonas Björk, Felix Hanke, Carlos-Andres Palma, Paolo Samorì, Marco Cecchini and Mats Persson
  Adsorption of Aromatic and Anti-Aromatic Systems on Graphene through π−π Stacking
  Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2010, 1, 3407-3412.

Jonas Björk, Manfred Matena, Matthew S. Dyer, Mihaela Enache, Jorge Lobo-Checa, Lutz H. Gade, Thomas A. Jung, Meike Stöhr and Mats Persson
  STM fingerprint of molecule-adatom interactions in a self-assembled metal-organic surface coordination network on Cu(111)
  Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, 2010, 12, 8815-8821.

Abel Robin, Lisa Marnell, Jonas Björk, Matthew S. Dyer, Phaedra Silva Bermudez, Sam Haq, Steve Barrett, Mats Persson, Andrea Minoia, Roberto Lazzorini and Rasmita Raval
  Adsorption and Organization of the Organic Radical 3-Carboxyproxyl on a Cu(110) Surface: A Combined STM, RAIRS, and DFT Study
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 113(30), 13223-13230.

Carlos-Andres Palma, Jonas Björk, Massimo Bonini, Matthew S. Dyer, Anna Llanas-Pallas, Davide Bonifazi, Mats Persson and Paolo Samorì
  Tailoring Bicomponent Supramolecular Nanoporous Networks: Phase Segregation, Polymorphism, and Glasses at the Solid−Liquid Interface
  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2009, 131(36), 13062-13071.

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