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Joakim Johansson, Florence Sjögren, Mikael Bodelsson and Folke Sjöberg
  Dynamics of leukocyte receptors after severe burns: An exploratory study
  BURNS, 2011, 37(2), 227-233.
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Joakim Johansson, Lennart Lindbom, Heiko Herwald and Folke Sjoberg
  Neutrophil-derived heparin binding protein-A mediator of increased vascular permeability after burns?
  BURNS, 2009, 35(8), 1185-1187.
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Ph.D. Theses

Joakim Johansson
  Function of granulocytes after burns and trauma, associations with pulmonary vascular permeability, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and immunomodulation

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