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Journal Articles

Johan Bankel, Karl-Fredrik Berggren, Madelaine Engström, Ingela Wiklund, Edward F Crawdley, Diane Soderholm, Khalid El Gaidi and Sören Östlund
  Benchmarking engineering Curricula with the CDIO Syllabus*
  International journal of engineering education, 2005, 21(1), 121-133.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 17

Conference Articles

Svante Gunnarsson, Ingela Wiklund, Tomas Svensson, Annalena Kindgren and Sten Granath
  Large Scale use of the CDIO Syllabus in Formulation of Program and Course Goals
  Proceedings of the 3rd International CDIO Conference, 2007.

Karl-Fredrik Berggren, Svante Gunnarsson, Tomas Svensson and Ingela Wiklund
  The Development of the Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (Y) Programme at Linköping University through Participation in the CDIO Initiative
  Proceedings of the 8th UICEE Annual Conference on Engineering Education, 2005.

Svante Gunnarsson, Karl-Fredrik Berggren, Tomas Svensson and Ingela Wiklund
  Redesign of the Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering Program at Linköping University According to CDIO
  Proceedings of the 33rd SEFI Annual Conference, 2005.


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