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Journal Articles

Anita McAllister, Janna Aanstoot, Inger Lundeborg Hammarström, Christina Samuelsson, Eva Johannesson, Karin Sandström and Ulrika Berglind
  Learning in the tutorial group: A balance between individual freedom and institutional control
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  Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 2014, 28(1-2), 47-59.

Elisabeth Ericsson, Jonas Graf, Inger Lundeborg Hammarström and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Tonsillotomy versus tonsillectomy on young children: 2 year post surgery follow-up
  Journal of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, 2014, 43(26), .
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Inger Lundeborg Hammarström, Elisabeth Hultcrantz, Elisabeth Ericsson and Anita McAllister
  Acoustic and perceptual aspects of vocal function in children with adenotonsillar hypertrophy —effects of surgery
  Journal of Voice, 2012, 26(4), 480-487.
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Inger Lundeborg Hammarström, Maria Larsson, Sören Wiman and Anita McAllister
  Voice onset time in Swedish children and adults
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  Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocology, 2012, 37(3), 117-122.
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Inger Lundeborg Hammarström, Elisabeth Ericsson, Elisabeth Hultcrantz and Anita McAllister
  Influence of adenotonsillar hypertrophy on /s/-articulation in children-effects of surgery
  Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocology, 2011, 36(3), 100-108.
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Elisabeth Ericsson, Inger Lundeborg and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Child behavior and quality of life before and after tonsillotomy versus tonsillectomy
  International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 2009, 73(9), 1254-1262.
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Inger Lundeborg, Anita McAllister, Christina Samuelsson, Elisabeth Ericsson and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Phonological development in children with obstructive sleep-disordered breathing
  Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 2009, 23(10), 751-61.
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Inger Lundeborg, Anita McAllister, Jonas Graf, Elisabeth Ericsson and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Oral motor dysfunction in children with adenotonsillar hypertrophy-effects of surgery
  Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocology, 2009, 34(3), 111-116.
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Inger Lundeborg and Anita McAllister
  Treatment with a combination of intra-oral sensory stimulation and electropalatography in a child with severe developmental dyspraxia
  Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocology, 2007, 32(2), 71-9.
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Chapters in Books

Christina Samuelsson, Inger Lundeborg and Anita McAllister
  Experiences from Two Swedish Speech and Language Pathology Education Programmes Using Different Approaches to Problem-Based Learning
  Problem-Based Learning in Clinical Education: The Next Generation, Springer Netherlands, 2012, 47-58.

Conference Articles

Anita McAllister, Janna Ferreira, Inger LundeborgHammarström, Christina Samuelsson, Eva Johannesson, Karin Sandström and Ulrika Berglind
  Learning in the tutorial group – a challenge between freedom and control
  The Third International Conference on Problem Based Learning in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, 2011.

Inger Lundeborg and Elisabeth Ericsson
  Different techniques of pediatric tonsil surgery - Effects on oral motor function, speech and language behavior and quality of life
  1st Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics & Child Health (CIP), Frankrike, 17-20 februari, 2011.

Elisabeth Ericsson, Inger LundeborgHammarström, Jonas Graf, Anita McAllister and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Child behavior and quality of life before and after tonsillotomy versus tonsillectomy
  International conference in pediatric otorhinolaryngology,2008, 2008.

Inger LundeborgHammarström, Elisabeth Ericsson, Anita McAllister and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Effects of tonsil surgery on speech and oral motor function
  The 12th Congress of the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics association,2008, 2008.

Christina Samuelsson, Inger LundeborgHammarström and Anita McAllister
  Specific and general competencies of graduates from Swedish speech and language pathology education
  The Second International Conference on PBL in Speech-Language Pathology,2008, 2008.

Jonas Graf, Elisabeth Ericsson, Inger LundeborgHammarström and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Tonsillotomi på förskolebarn-räcker det?
  The Annual General Meeting for the Swedish Society for Medicine,2008, 2008.

Elisabeth Ericsson, Inger LundeborgHammarström, Agneta Marcusson, Anita Mc Allister, Jonas Graf and Elisabeth Hultcrantz
  Oralmotorik, artikulation och livskvalitet. Sexmånadersuppföljning efter tonsillotomi respektive tonsillektomi
  Rikstämman 2007,2007, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Inger Lundeborg Hammarström
  Oral Motor Function, Voice, Speech and Language in Children with Tonsillar Hypertrophy in Relation to Surgical Outcome

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Cecilia Blumenthal and Inger Lundeborg Hammarström
  LINUS. LINköpingsUnderSökningen: Ett fonologiskt testmaterial från 3 år
  Skriftserie i logopedi, 2014:2, 2014.

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Elisabeth Hultcrantz, Elisabeth Ericsson, Claes Hemlin, Robert Eggertsen, Inger Lundeborg-Hammarström, Agneta Marcusson, Marie Proczkowska-Björklund, Anna Stjernquist-Desatnik, Lena Zettergren-Wijk, Gunnar Moa and Helene Törnqvist
  Indikation för tonsillotomi på barn och ungdomar
  Nationella Medicinska Indikationer, 05, 2011.

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