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Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Kerstin Willander, Roza Chaireti, Johan Lund, Hareth Nahi, Monica Hermanson, Henrik Green, Kourosh Lotfi and Peter Söderkvist
  TP53 mutations and MDM2(SNP309) identify subgroups of AML patients with impaired outcome
  European Journal of Haematology, 2015, 94(4), 355-362.

Kerstin Willander, Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Roza Chaireti, Esbjörn Paul, Hermanson Monica, Henrik Gréen, Kourosh Lotfi, Peter Söderkvist and Henrik Green
  Mutations in the isocitrate dehydrogenase 1/2 genes and IDH1 SNP 105C>T have a prognostic value in acute myeloid leukemia
  Biomarker Research, 2014, , .

Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Anna Fyrberg, Esbjorn Paul, Hareth Nahi, Monica Hermanson, Richard Rosenquist, Martin Hoglund, Lars Palmqvist, Dick Stockelberg, Yuan Wei, Henrik Green and Kourosh Lotfi
  Impact of ABCB1 single nucleotide polymorphisms 1236C greater than T and 2677G greater than T on overall survival in FLT3 wild-type de novo AML patients with normal karyotype
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  British Journal of Haematology, 2014, 167(5), 671-680.
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Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Anna Fyrberg, Esbjörn Paul, Hareth Nahi, Monica Hermanson, Richard Rosenquist, Martin Höglund, Lars Palmqvist, Dick Stockelberg, Yuan Wei, Henrik Gréen and Kourosh Lotfi
  Decreased survival in normal karyotype AML with single-nucleotide polymorphisms in genes encoding the AraC metabolizing enzymes cytidine deaminase and 5'-nucleotidase
  American Journal of Hematology, 2013, 88(12), 1001-1006.
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Samuel Boiso, Anna Lena Zackrisson, Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Louise Karlsson, Björn Carlsson, Andreas Tillmar, Fredrik Kugelberg, Johan Ahlner, Staffan Hägg and Henrik Green
  ABCB1 gene polymorphisms are associated with suicide in forensic autopsies
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  Pharmacogenetics & Genomics, 2013, 23(9), 463-469.
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Louise Karlsson, Henrik Green, Anna Lena Zackrisson, Finn Bengtsson, I Jakobsen Falk, Björn Carlsson, Johan Ahlner and Fredrik Kugelberg
  ABCB1 gene polymorphisms are associated with fatal intoxications involving venlafaxine but not citalopram
  International journal of legal medicine (Print), 2013, 127(3), 579-586.
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Henrik Green, Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Kourosh Lotfi, E Paul, M Hermansson, R Rosenquist, C Paul and H Nahi
  Association of ABCB1 polymorphisms with survival and in vitro cytotoxicty in de novo acute myeloid leukemia with normal karyotype
  The Pharmacogenomics Journal, 2012, 12(2), 111-118.
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Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Muhammad Suleman Khan, Lena Thunell, Hareth Nahi and Henrik Green
  Association of CYP2B6 Genotype with Survival and Progression Free Survival in Cyclophosphamide Treated Multiple Myeloma
  Journal of Cancer Therapy, 2012, 3(1), 20-27.
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Henrik Green, Muhammad Suleman Khan, Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Elisabeth Avall-Lundqvist and Curt Peterson
  Impact of CYP3A5(*)3 and CYP2C8-HapC on Paclitaxel/Carboplatin-Induced Myelosuppression in Patients with Ovarian Cancer
  Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2011, 100(10), 4205-4209.
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Sally A Coulthard, Christopher P F Redfern, Malin Lindqvist Appell, Karin Skoglund, Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Andrew G Hall, Gordon A Taylor and Linda A Hogarth
  Increased Sensitivity to Thiopurines in Methylthioadenosine Phosphorylase-Deleted Cancers
  MOLECULAR CANCER THERAPEUTICS, 2011, 10(3), 495-504.
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Conference Articles

Sally Coulthard, Christopher Redfern, Svante Vikingsson, Malin Lindqvist Appell, Karin Skoglund, Ingrid Jakobsen Falk, Andrew Hall, Gordon Taylor and Linda Hogarth
  Increased sensitivity to thiopurines in methylthioadenosine phosphorylase-deleted cancers in PURINERGIC SIGNALLING, vol 6, issue , pp 33-33

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