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Journal Articles

Ingrid Hellström
  Chores and sense of self: Gendered understandings of voices of older married women with dementia
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  International Journal of Older People Nursing, 2015, 10(2), 127-135.

Jeanette Eckerblad, Kersti Theander, Anne Ekdahl, Tiny Jaarsma and Iingrid Hellström
  To adjust and endure: a qualitative study of symptom burden in older people with multimorbidity
  Applied Nursing Research, 2015, 28(4), 322-327.

Ragnhild Hedman, Ingrid Hellström, Britt-Marie Ternestedt, Gorel Hansebo and Astrid Norberg
  Social positioning by people with Alzheimers disease in a support group
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  Journal of Aging Studies, 2014, 28, 11-21.
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Ragnhild Hedman, Görel Hansebo, Britt-Marie Ternestedt, Ingrid Hellström and Astrid Norberg
  How people with Alzheimer's disease express their sense of self: analysis using Rom Harré's theory of selfhood
  Dementia, 2013, 12(6), 713-733.

Henrik Eriksson, Jonas Sandberg and Ingrid Hellström
  Experiences of long-term home care as an informal caregiver to a spouse: gendered meanings in everyday life for female carers
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  International Journal of Older People Nursing, 2013, 8(2), 159-165.

Iréne Ericsson, Sofia Kjellström and Ingrid Hellström
  Creating relationships with persons with moderate to severe dementia
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  Dementia, 2013, 12(1), 63-79.
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A. L. Mazya, Jeanette Eckerblad, Tiny Jaarsma, Ingrid Hellström, Barbro Krevers, Anna Milberg, Mitra Unosson, A. Westöö and Anne Ekdahl
  The Ambulatory Geriatric Assessment - a Frailty Intervention Trial (AGe-FIT) - A randomised controlled trial aimed to prevent hospital readmissions and functional deterioration in high risk older adults: A study protocol
  European Geriatric Medicine, 2013, 4(4), 242-247.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

John Keady, Lesley Jones, Richard Ward, Susan Koch, Caroline Swarbrick, Ingrid Hellström, Vivienne Davies-Quarrell and Sion Williams
  Introducing the bio-psycho-social-physical model of dementia through a collective case study design
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  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2013, 22(19-20), 2768-2777.

Susanne Roos, Hellström Ingrid, Claes Hallert and Wilhelmsson Susan
  Everyday life for women with celiac disease
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  Gastroenterology Nursing, 2013, 36(4), 266-273.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Ingrid Hellström and Sandra Torres
  A wish to know but not always tell - couples living with dementia talk about disclosure preferences
  Aging & Mental Health, 2013, 17(2), 157-167.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Ida Carlander, Britt-Marie Ternestedt, Jonas Sandberg and Ingrid Hellström
  Constructing family identity close to death
  Open Journal of Nursing, 2013, 3(5), 379-388.

Anne Wissendorff Ekdahl, Märit Linderholm, Ingrid Hellström, Lars Andersson and Maria Friedrichsen
  ‘Are decisions about dischargeof elderly hospital patients mainlyabout freeing blocked beds?’: A qualitative observational study
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  BMJ. British Medical Journal, 2012, 2(6), 1-9.
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Anne Wissendorff Ekdahl, Ingrid Hellström, Lars Andersson and Maria Friedrichsen
  Too complex and time-consuming to fit in! Physicians' experiences of elderly patients and their participation in medical decision making: a grounded theory study
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  BMJ Open, 2012, 2(3), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Iréne Ericsson, Ingrid Hellström and Sofia Kjellström
  Sliding interactions: An ethnography about how person with dementia interacts in special housing for elderly
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  Dementia, 2011, 10(4), 523-538.

Ida Carlander, Britt-Marie Ternestedt, Eva Sahlberg-Blom, Ingrid Hellström and Jonas Sandberg
  Four aspects of self-image close to death at home
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  International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, 2011, 6(2), .
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Jane Osterlind, Gorel Hansebo, Janicke Andersson, Britt-Marie Ternestedt and Ingrid Hellström
  A discourse of silence: professional carers reasoning about death and dying in nursing homes
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  AGEING and SOCIETY, 2011, 31, 529-544.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Ida Carlander, Britt-Marie Ternestedt, Eva Sahlberg-Blom, Ingrid Hellström and Jonas Sandberg
  Being Me and Being Us in a Family Living Close to Death at Home
  Qualitative Health Research, 2011, 21(5), 683-695.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

Ida Carlander, Eva Sahlberg-Blom, Ingrid Hellström and Britt-Marie Ternestedt
  The modified self: family caregivers experiences of caring for a dying family member at home
  JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NURSING, 2011, 20(7-8), 1097-1105.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

A.K. Wallin, N. Andreasen, S. Eriksson, S. Batsman, B. Nasman, Anne Ekdahl, L. Kilander, M. Grut, M. Ryden, A. Wallin, M. Jonsson, H. Olofsson, E. Londos, C. Wattmo, Jonhagen M. Eriksdotter, L. Minthon, A. Bjorkman, A. Wunsch, L. Mannberg, A. Kallman, Ingrid Hellström, M. Soderin, C. Sjodin, M. Grut, E. Mohlin, C. Dahl, K. Gustavsson and B. Holm
  Donepezil in Alzheimer's disease: What to expect after 3 years of treatment in a routine clinical setting
  Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, 2007, 23(3), 150-160.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 52

Ingrid Hellström, Mike Nolan, Lennart Nordenfelt and Ulla Lundh
  Ethical and methodological issues in interviewing persons with dementia
  Nursing Ethics, 2007, 14(5), 608-619.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 44

Ingrid Hellström, Mike Nolan and Ulla Lundh
  Sustaining 'couplehood': Spouses' strategies for living positively with dementia
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  Dementia, 2007, 6(3), 383-409.

Ingrid Hellström, Mike Nolan and Ulla Lundh
  We do things together: A case study of couplehood
  Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, 2005, 4(1), 7-22.

Ingrid Hellström, Mike Nolan and Lundh Ulla
  Awareness context theory and the dynamics of dementia: Improving understanding using emergent fit
  Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice, 2005, 4(2), 269-295.


Ingrid Hellström and Lars-Christer Hydén
  Att leva med demens
  Gleerups Utbildning AB, 2015.

Chapters in Books

Ingrid Hellström
  I’m his wife not his carer! - Dignity and couplehood in dementia.: dignity and couplehood in dementia
  Beyond Loss: dementia, identity, personhood, Oxford University Press, 2014, 53-66.

Ingrid Hellström and Ida Carlander
  Närstående i hemsjukvården
  Hemsjukvård, Studentlitteratur, 2010, 75-90.

Ingrid Hellström and Mike Nolan
  Time together
  Time for dementia: a collection of writings on the meanings of time and dementia, Hawker Publications Ltd, 2010, .

Ingrid Hellström and Lise-Lotte Dwyer
  Ett värdigt möte i vardagen
  Äldres hälsa och ohälsa: en introduktion till geriatrisk omvårdnad, Studentlitteratur, 2010, 29-40.

Ingrid Hellström
  Värdighet och äldre makar med demens
  Värdighet i vården av äldre personer, Studentlitteratur, 2010, .

Ingrid Hellström
  Dignity and elderly spouses with dementia
  Dignity in Care for Older People, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009, 99-116.

Ulla Lundh, Ingrid Hellström and Mike Nolan
  God vård vid demenssjukdom: samarbete mellan personal och anhöriga.
  Rapporter från hälsans provinser. Jubileumsantologi., Linköpings universitet, 2004, 123-144.

Conference Articles

Jeanette Eckerblad, Ingrid Hellström, Per Jakobsson, Magnus Kentsson, Elisabeth Skargren, Kristina Tödt, Mitra Unosson and Kersti Theander
  Symptom Prevalence And Symptom Distress In Patients With COPD
  American Thoracic Society International Conference (ATS 2012), 18-23 May 2012, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2012.

Ph.D. Theses

Jeanette Eckerblad
  Symptom burden among people with chronic disease

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Ingrid Hellström
  Parrelationer i förändring vid demenssjukdom: en studie med konstruktivistisk grundad teori

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