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Journal Articles

Inger Hallberg, Agneta Ranerup and Karin I. Kjellgren
  Supporting the self-management of hypertension: Patients' experiences of using a mobile phone-based system
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  Journal of Human Hypertension, 2015, , .
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Agneta Ranerup and Inger Hallberg
  Actors and intentions in the development process of a mobile phone platform for self-management of hypertension
  Informatics for Health and Social Care, 2015, 40(4), 299-318.
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Inger Hallberg, Charles Taft, Agneta Ranerup, Ulrika Bengtsson, Mikael Hoffman, Stefan Höfer, Dick Kasperowski, Åsa Mäkitalo, Mona Lundin, Lena Ring, Ulf Rosenqvist and Karin I Kjellgren
  Phases in development of an interactive mobile phone-based system to support self-management of hypertension
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  Integrated Blood Pressure Control, 2014, 7, 19-28.
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Inger Hallberg, Anna-Christina Ek, Göran Toss and Margareta Bachrach-Lindström
  A striving for independence: a qualitative study of women living with vertebral fracture
  BMC Nursing, 2010, 9(7), .
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Inger Hallberg, Margareta Bachrach-Lindström, Staffan Hammerby, Göran Toss and Anna-Christina Ek
  Health-related quality of life after vertebral or hip fracture: a seven-year follow-up study
  BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2009, 10(135), .
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Ann-Charlotte Grahn Kronhed, Inger Hallberg, Lars Ödkvist and Margareta Möller
  Effect of training on health-related quality of life, pain and falls in osteoporotic women
  Advances in Physiotherapy, 2009, 11(3), 154-165.

Owe Löfman, Inger Hallberg, Kenneth Berglund, Ola Wahlström, Lisa Kartous, Anna-Maria Rosenqvist, Lasse Larsson and Göran Toss
  Women with low-energy fracture should be investigated for osteoporosis
  Acta Orthopaedica, 2007, 78(6), 813-821.
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Inger Hallberg, A. M Rosenqvist, L Kartous, Owe Löfman, Ola Wahlström and Göran Toss
  Health-related quality of life after osteoporotic fractures
  Osteoporosis International, 2004, 15(10), 834-841.
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Conference Articles

Ulrika Bengtsson, Karina Kjellgren, Inger Hallberg, Magnus Lindwall and Charles Taft
  Blood pressure decrease with a mobile phone-based system to support self-management
  Joint Meeting ESH-ISH Hypertension, 13-16 June 2014, Athens, Greece, 2014.

Ulrika Bengtsson, Lena Ring, Karin Kjellgren and Inger Hallberg
  Development of a mobile phone self-report system for persons with hypertension: focus group interviews with patients and providers
  21st International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (HPH), 22-24 May 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2013.

Ulrika Bengtsson, Lena Ring, Inger Hallberg and Karin Kjellgren
  Development of a mobile phone self-report system for persons with hypertension: focus group interviews with patients and providers
  XV Svenska Kardiovaskulära Vårmötet, 17-19 april 2013, Göteborg, 2013.

Ulrika Bengtsson, Karin Kjellgren and Inger Hallberg
  Aspects of hypertension - a multi-perspective approach on the way towards adherence and self-management
  Fifth Geneva conference on person-centered medicine, April 30 – May 2, 2012, Geneva, Switzerland, 2012.

Inger Hallberg, Ulrika Bengtsson and Karin Kjellgren
  Patientmedverkan i behandling av högt blodtryck med hjälp av mobiltelefon
  Medicinska Riksstämman, 28–30 november 2012, Stockholm, 2012.

Agneta Ranerup, Inger Hallberg, Ulrika Bengtsson and Karin Kjellgren
  Mastery and autonomy in medication with a mobile self-report system: a project in action
  Persuasive 2012: Design for Health and Safety, 2012.

I Hallberg, G Toss, A-C Ek, H Hjortswang and M Bachrach-Lindström
  Health-related Quality of Life after Vertebral or Hip Fracture in Women - Short Health Scale Useful for Clinical Practice?
  ASBMR 2010 Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 2010.

Inger Hallberg, Margareta Bachrach-Lindström, Göran Toss and Anna-Christina Ek
  Health-Related Quality of Life 7 Years After Hip or Vertebral fractures
  ASBMR 29th Annual Meeting 2007, Toronto Canada, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Inger Hallberg
  Health-Related Quality of Life in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporotic Fractures

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